Friday, May 10, 2013

Home Sweet Camper

I told you I'd post some pictures of the camper
 we are living in while the house is being restored
from our fire.
It is technically(I have been informed)
a 5th wheel.
It belongs to my sis, Judy and her husband.
It is for sale.
They stay in it in FL in the winter
but have bought a house so it is up for grabs.
If you are in the market...I can hook you up
but only when I am out of it.
So take a peek.



It's a pretty sweet deal.
It's right outside the house.
We are able to shower in the downstairs bath
so that cuts down on our "gray"water".
I do a little cooking and I am able to use our grill, of course.
You know the old adage
"if the camper's rocking..."
well, in our case it is because
it's a major thunderstorm and
we may be in the basement.
It has been raining practically daily
since we moved in.
The rain on the tin is soothing.
The wind, not as much.
So there's the tour.
Drop in
or like most days, blow in.
You can help do insurance logs.
I have coffee and satellite.
You know, the necessities.


  1. I think I could take to camper life.

  2. Your camper is already better decorated than the house I've lived in for 10 years. You have a gift!

  3. You're awesome. Thankful for God's provision for you. And that you still make me laugh.

  4. You are my inspiration!! What a way to start the spring and you are still as positive as ever.
    ((HUGS)) to you and Stewart. Hang in there you will be giving us a house tour in no time at all.

  5. Love your camper it is so nice!! Glad you have such a wonderful attitude with all that has happened. Praying that all thing go quickly so you can be back in your home!!

  6. That is a nice "fifth wheel," and you are so blessed to be able to use it right there in your driveway.

  7. I thank the Lord for you. You are resiliant, hardworking, fun and ever faithFULL! Praying you're back in your CLEAN home SOON. Happy Motbers Day, I hope you are celebrated in classic Fox silly style! Xoxo

  8. Not a bad crash pad. Been meaning to ask you if you needs smoke free new cuff. Gotta keep you represent in';)

  9. Nice place you have there! So glad you have such a good place to stay while post-fire stuff happens. AND that you have a basement to flee to if necessary. Don't envy you the insurance paperwork. Happy Mother's Day Janie! Ann

  10. you are hilarious. always. ;)
    you're handling this "season in a camper" very well.
    i'm impressed.
    when our house blew up with raw sewage years ago, we were displaced for 5 months.
    pure misery.
    i handled it like a total brat.
    you're awesome.

  11. Can I come and be a third wheel in your fifth wheel? It's been way too long since we had face time.


  12. So nice that you have this sweet place to stay while work goes on in your home.

  13. I have NO idea how I missed this post. How exhausting it all sounds....Knowing God, I suspect His peace and grace have sort of "numbed" you all so that the task is do-able. (Reading this this morning, I was sort of overwhelmed by the devastation in Oklahoma City area.....thinking of YOU....multiplied by thousands and thousands. Oh, the loss!

    What a God-send that 5th Wheeler is for you, by the way....Looks like you've put the "Janie touches" on it to make it a temporary home :)

  14. I'm thinking that camper is pretty darn cozy looking! Hoping all goes well during this restoration time. Saying a prayer for you today.

  15. that is about all I want or need!!! so would like something little. looks uber cozy


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