Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Checking in

Hello friends,
I decided to jot out a quick blog
rather than respond to all my emails.
Your notes of encouragement and concern
after the fire have been wonderful.
Hearing I am missed in the blogging
 world...I'm not gonna lie...
feels kinda great.
We are still (gl)amping it up in the driveway.
Our restoration crew finished the house clean up yesterday.
The entire joint had to be emptied.
I purged for 4 days before they came.
I have dubbed this experience
The Great Purge of '13.
They loaded it all up in boxes and bags and took it to be cleaned.
Copious amounts of boxes.
 Then they left boxes of nor-restorable(s) and piles of non-restorable(s).
No baby/children's thing can be restored.
No florals.
And several antiques.
This is a fraction of them.

The stove and the dryer need replaced.
Then add in every food item in the cabinets,
the extra paper products ie. toilet paper, napkins, paper towels,
and Kleenex boxes.
I always had extra in storage.
Every bag of beans, pasta, grains.
Every spice tin.
Every cleaning product and every bath product.
Lotions, shampoos etc,.
We have 3 baths and each was stocked.
Every window blind has to be pitched.
Page after page logged for insurance.
All this from smoke damage.
Didn't look bad initially but it has been comprehensive.

 the electrical box was so close to the fire it had to be re-done
and it was re-located to the basement.
 the filthiness made me ill every time I went into the house
(that is where a rug laid on a white painted floor just outside our bedroom door)
So now, the contractors are here.
We opted to put some of our money into the project too.
We took the wall that was on fire out and opened those rooms up to each other.
My kitchen will be open to that laundry room.
The working part of the kitchen will be in there.
My former kitchen will just be for eating and gabbing.
My laundry has been relocated to outside my bedroom which was a nursery...
but I babysit at the girls' houses now, so I don't need a nursery.
They started drywalling yesterday.
And priming with paint in some rooms.
I am spending hours on the computer.
Thank goodness for internet.
I have been able to find replacement values on almost everything.
I still have a short list.
Blessedly, I have had helpers.
My friends and family have sorted and pitched with me.
A couple have shown up with Ipads and laptops and looked up values
beside me at my camper kitchen table
We will be out several weeks yet.
It takes a bit of time to paint every closet, ceiling, wall, and floors must be refinished.
The restoration team is now starting on our contents.
They said we are a big job.
I asked if I am an organized hoarder?
They assured me I am not.
They actually have all said they love my house.
I always feel the need to say well its filthy now. LOL
I blame Toots for my OCD to clean.
I will check in soon with pix of our sweet camper.
It has been a very busy time.
We have had so much rain.
10 inches the first week which made the basement flood.
I was half expecting to break out in boils and have locusts swarm.
Stuart hasn't farmed a lick.
It's good.
He has sanded the floors himself.
They are reading for stain.
He has sorted out and cleaned old tin from my dad's barn
for my kitchen ceiling.
I know God sent that rain because Stu needed to be around here in the evenings.
Our twins died 29 years ago today.
That year it rained and rained until
we were home from the hospital stay and buried them.
We didn't farm until the middle of May
God provided then and he will now.
Today would also have been my dad's birthday.
I choose to spend the day counting my blessings.
I have a wonderful family and many friends who make me feel cherished.
Life is good here in the camper.
God is good all the time.
Be well my sweet friends.
Thanks for showing me such love


  1. Holding you close in my thoughts. Love you.

  2. your attitude is absolutely amazing, janie.
    you're singing in the rain. ;)
    God is so good to us and when these things happen, it truly reminds us of how blessed we are, doesn't it?
    sing on, friend! praying.

  3. Too, too much. I can't imagine. Your "take" on it just reeks of grace. GOD'S grace. Pretty amazing you are, it (grace) is, and HE is!

    How you found the time to compose this post, I have no idea.

  4. Janie Fox you are my favorite. I am so thankful for you. I can't wait to come and lay my own eyes on that tin ceiling. It will happen.


  5. Love you Janie. The house is going to look amazing! I'm excited for that. I'll be praying for you today.

  6. Thinking of you today...that post was a lot to process. Hoping your house is back in order even better than ever really soon.

  7. May the Blessed Mother keep you comforted in her Mantle of Protection on this day of memories.... sending hugs from Jersey...

  8. Oh, hugs sweet Janie. Wish I was there to help and hug. God bless.

  9. Oh Janie, I missed your last post. I am so sorry. How awful that this has happened to your beautiful home. But you do have the right attitude and your Faith. It is stuff and it will be replaced. I wish I was closer, I would be right there to help. I ma glad that you have a place to live while all of this is going on. I will be praying for you all. You have had so much to go through during your life time. You are so strong and looking gorgeous by the way. ((((((HUGS))))

  10. Bless your sweet twins, Janie.

    I remember having to log all the values when our house burned when I was 14. As you said it is mostly smoke damage, but it permeates everything. I feel so bad you are having to go through this, but perhaps when it is all behind you the true reason it happened will present itself - not the cause of the fire, but why you had to go through this. Something good always comes out of adversity.

    It will still be your home. Before long all those grandkids will be putting their mark on the "new" home.


  11. God Bless You Janie . . I say it's a "NEW BEGINNING". Looks like some nice changes too. Blessings, Sandy xo

  12. I feel so bad for you. Wish I was able to help in some way. I hope you love your "new" house and are able to move back in soon. God bless you on this day that surely is bringing back so memories and always.

  13. Wish I was there to give you a giant hug and help you look up stuff. Something!! Glad your honey is there to make life a little less heavy. You've got got quite a welcome when you make your way to Heaven someday. Love you friend.

  14. such a sweet sad post. Can you air those things out? I have an air purifier that takes odor out of things.
    I didn't know you lost babies, that is something you never forget.
    Your not a hoarder your an artist!


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