Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Otherwise engaged

I write lots of blogs in my mind, in the middle of the night.
I wake and my mind starts whirling.
I think they are hilarious.
I amuse myself and then I drift back to sleep.
In the morning light I debate sitting down at my laptop
and hammering it out.
And then I get a cup of Joe and hit my veg spot 'til I can face the day.
I just can't care.

I have more fun things to do.
Blame this bunch.
Although, may I suggest before trying to take a picture
with 6 peas who are 7 years old and under...
Have a drink.
or 6.
Made me wish I was a drinker.
Also, consider that with 30 mph wind gales
you may appear to house owls in your hair.
We took hundreds of shots.
Okay, maybe tens of pix.
Most were hilarious.
Stuart kept talking.
I couldn't decide glasses/no glasses.
On the other side of this frame
were 8 adults yelling "cheese" and flapping their arms.
We are nothing if not a team.
I mean seriously, who picked out his old man pants...
and why do I not live in elbow-length gloves...
But, there were some redeeming ones.

Notice he and I are not in any of those.
So, I don't blog much.
I mean really...
can you blame me?
They are just so ding-dang much fun.
*note to self...you need some new binoculars.


  1. I feel you on the picture taking. It pretty much drove me to drink.

  2. Don't you think some smartphone genius could design some app that would allow you to share those hilarious blog posts you write in your head? That could be awesome.

    Thanks for showing me how to rock this grandparenting gig with style and class.

  3. Sweet family pics . . family time is the best :O) Enjoy those kiddos . . they grow fast. Blessings, Sandy xo

  4. love love love!
    i don't blog much either...but i'm like you and write them in my head constantly!
    looks like you have much better things to keep you entertained...i mean, busy! :)

  5. I totally "get" it! Great pictures, Janie.
    And you are looking SO good :)
    You REALLY are.
    We picked up 3 of our grandchldren to love on for a few days. I'm up early getting a head start :)

  6. How could you possibly blog?...and why?...everything you need to make you happy in in those photos....don't blame you one bit! You look great by they way...:))

  7. I literally laughed all the way through this post...
    I can so relate, Janie. I have a hundred posts in my head floating around, but the days come and the children need me...they're more important.

    Only the enemy would try to convince us that blogging is the most important work in our days.
    what a lie.

    love you sweet lady...the pics are amazing...they scream FAMILY.
    absolutely beautiful.

  8. Great pictures! I love the one of your mom.

  9. You are all so very cute!
    Three months from today and we shall have 6 seven and under.
    I just cannot wait! I'm still blogging, but all I do is post pictures of the grandkids and yammer on and on about how tired I am.
    And yes, I am very tired. Somebody call a whambulance...

  10. So funny and cute. It looks like you all have such a great time together and that is way more important than blogging! But I do love seeing the pics and you always crack me up!

  11. love it and I have become a once a month blogger or longer it seems but catching up can be fun too, late at night...

  12. Stopped in and loved this post. Beautiful - "all yuz"!!! Im with ya on bloggon in my head... waaay too busy n tired, but I do hope to post soon on all my nests! Xoxo


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