Thursday, March 7, 2013

We interrupt this program...

 No fear.
I am among the living.
I have been down with the crud of lungs and such.
It is my 3rd go-round.
I have not been to the doctor.
I am self medicating.
My man is down.
I am man medicating too.
Most of the family in fact has been in the throes of fever
or hacking coughs.
I hang with my 4 friends Mucinex, Dayquil, Nyquil, and Vicks.
However not all has been lost, I have noticed a few things
while spending my free time in a horizontal position.
1.  My couch has a permanent imprint of me.
2. I am not smarter than a fifth grader.
3. I know the Hallmark,TBS, and Lifetime sitcom schedule by heart.
4. I love Julia Louis Dreyfus. In. Everything.
5. I have unplanned my garden.  With all the televison to watch, ain't nobody got time for that.
6. I have eaten my weight in cuties and bananas.
7. Coffee tastes bad and that makes me sad.
8. You can babysit from the couch.
9. Yesterday,  I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out where Doug and Carrie Heffernen live. "Chicago?" I wondered because it was cold and there was snow in the background. Yeah, five minutes until I realized the show is called The King of Queens. I think most 5th graders know where Queens is located.

10. I tried to change my blog header. It is not right but I can't care. Annie is too busy to fix it and I don't know any 5th graders.  I have had one decent picture without sunglasses in the last year. It is my profile for everything. I am already growing sick of it. My 3 year old granddaughter took it.  Maybe she can fix the header.


  1. What are cuties? And how are they eaten?

    I think it's time you ditched those three you've been hanging with. (Not your man, though.)

    Babysitting from a couch. Hmmmmm. Sounds challenging.

    I LIKE your header. Don't bother with fifth-graders.

    I REALLY want a garden this year! Does one have to actually PLAN for this? I'm thinking a row of leaf lettuce/spinach, a baby tomato plant and one with the big, red kind...well, maybe that's enough.

    1. You don't know what a cutie is!!! Oh my ~ here you go:

  2. Cuties are indeed being eaten around here with reskless abandon! I sure hope you are back to feelinging fantastic soon. Being sick is such a waste of time! Hugs, Janie.

  3. i am NOT smarter than a fifth grader! :)
    so sorry you've been sick, sweetie. ain't nobody got time for that!
    hope you're on the mend(and your hubby too). :)
    have a lovely weekend!

    ps...i love that picture of you. speaking of cuties....

  4. Hope you're up and getting down with your bad self soon. Your pic is all gorgeousness.

  5. Oh feel better! I know how it is, we are still hacking up lungs up in here.
    oh, and i broke my blog, the format is all weird and now my mom can't read the comments which she called to complain to me about because they are HER FAVORITE PART! I don't have the desire to change it though. Meh.

  6. Wondering where you have been . . . feel better. Love your new header . . cute pic for sure :O) Blessings xo

  7. See how loved you are? Feel better, Beautiful.

  8. If the three year old can take pictures that good, your header doesn't need tweaking, but she could do it, I'm sure. Feel better! Ann

  9. I was just thinking of you this morning. Have missed your blog writing very much. You have always been one of my favorites.
    I hope you and your husband are soon feeling better. Spring is on the way. Throw open the door and let fresh air in.
    That photo of you is really a good one.

  10. Good to hear from you! That's a beautiful picture. You and Annie could pass for sisters.

  11. Poor thing! Man I've heard of so many with this unshakeable sick thing going on. Praying a complete and speedy healing over you. You're still funny.

  12. You get better now. Babysitting from the couch is DOABLE but it is not fun. I babysat from the bathroom once.., long ago.., hope it never happens again...

  13. Feel better, Janie. You look like Annie in this pic~beautiful!

  14. So glad to know that you are still alive, and still mighty ridiculous. ; -)

  15. Glad to see you're still alive and kicking.... barely ;)

    Great picture ~ and I can't care if you don't fix your header.... it's cute =)


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