Monday, April 22, 2013

House fire

Life is busy here.
We had a house fire a week ago.
We are all fine.
It was a leaking gas line...
could have been awful...
but it wasn't.
We are fine.
The dogs are fine.
We had major smoke damage.
The entire house has to be emptied.
Every surface has to be cleaned and repainted.
All our stuff has to go out to be professionally restored.
We are living in a sweet 5th wheel camper of my sister, Judy's.
Reta moved in with Maggie's bunch
and Stella is in hog heaven at Annie's.
There's highchair food dropping action and they are pumped over that.
We are not sure how long we will be out but no matter
because we are sitting by our drive.
I can work in my flowers and sit on my porches.
Stu can work in his barn.
We had 10 inches of rain so he's not farming, yet.
God has a plan.
It is all good.
The day of the fire it was so windy.
They sent 9 trucks.
I called some friends who started the prayer chains...
I posted a prayer request on Instagram.
By the time the trucks showed up the wind had laid.
That's God for ya!
I am logging things that cannot be cleaned...
food, baby items, toys, health and beauty products.
It is time consuming but I can see what I had.
It was just smoke.
We could have lost it all.
And even if we would have,
there is so much more trouble in the world.
Stu said "we have each other...
we could live in the barn as long as we have each other."
He is right.
Every thing that matters to me is fine.
There is beauty in the ashes.
And fresh paint!
But please pray friends...
The restoration company has a lot of work to do.
The contractor does too.



  1. This make me so sad. Glad everyone is okay. It sure is sickening though.
    Again, if I can help out with anything long distance I sure will.

  2. Janie, I saw Annie's FB post re the fire. So glad it wasn't worse than it was and that everyone has a good place to stay. My childhood home had a fire and the main damage was from smoke and water. I still have some books that I saved that have a smoky smell. It permeates everything. Best wishes. Ann

  3. You are so right about it being so much worse. Thank God it was only fire and smoke, and not an explosion. And, thank God that y'all are safe.

  4. I'm so glad you are safe and you don't have to live in a barn just yet. HUGS!

  5. Well bugger! This is not how you wanted to spend spring I'm sure. Sure am sorry this happened...but so very thankful you and Stu are here to tell about it. My oh My Miss Janie Fox, what God does IS amazing and what He will continue to do in your life.
    hugs my dear blogging friend.

  6. oh friend i just adore your heart. your attitude. i'm so glad it's just stuff that needs restored and not you and your honey...dogs. God is good ALL THE TIME! even in the midst of crisis. if you get tired of that camper i have a comfy spare room. would love to have you:)

  7. Does the excitement EVER end there?!? I am SO sorry about your dislocation. I guess the good thing is that there are not processes to address smoke damage. "In the day" that was not always possible. Hope the restoration is complete and THEN some, Janie. Now I'm going to go read what Annie said. Apparently I missed the late-breaking news!

  8. oh, dear janie!
    you have me in tears.
    stu's right...and you are one blessed lady.
    wait! i am the blessed one because i know you. :)

  9. What horrible news! I'm so grateful that you, Stu and the dogs are okay, but what a mess. Such a lot to go through now.

  10. So glad it turned out the way it did! And you can bet I'll keep on praying.

  11. Praying!! I am so glad that things turned out the way they did. I love your faith and your attitude!

  12. God bless you guys! I'll continue to pray that you receive even more beauty for ashes. Your and Stu's faith shines, Janie.

  13. Praising God that no one was hurt!! Will keep you in our prayers!!!

  14. So sorry to hear this Janie. . . you are one strong woman, and yes, God is good! No matter what. . . Love can't burn, and it's all you need. . .keeping you in my prayers, This too shall pass (((Janie)))

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  16. Praising God that you are okay!

  17. OMG the things I miss when i'm away. So glad you are alright!!

  18. Yow-ser!
    Anything involving "fire" is awful - except for your attitude. Perhaps you're living on adrenaline at the moment, but there's nothing wrong with that. I know you have lots of loving family and they will make sure that you're OK. You and your dh are amazing and soooooo right about having each other. Still, we gals love our "stuff" and I hope all yours is soon back in your "gonna-be-restored" house. God bless ya, Sweetie!! ~deb

  19. So glad you are safe. Praying for you all as you go thru the daunting task of getting back to normal!

  20. Oh goodness.....I'm glad y'all are okay. It is a mess though, and very time consuming. You had lots of cute antiques =( I hope they are able to salvage some of your things.

  21. Glad you are ok..... Hope the clean up goes quickly and smoothly!!! Prayers headed your way!


  22. I’m so sorry for what happened, Janie. I know for a fact that dealing with unfortunate incidents like this can be depressing and disheartening. We almost lost our home in a fire last year, and it was tough. But it is good to hear that no one was hurt. It may be hard, but all you can do is to move on and start again.



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