Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I Know For Sure-27th Edition

1. My Iphone remains a thorn in my side with it's autocorrect.
It constantly texts gaga instead of haha.
It also likes to sign off to my loved ones with coco instead of xoxo.

2. In some instances though I love it, because it also entertains me.
Case in point... a text between Abbie and I:

3. Installing french doors when you have 6 grandkids, 6 years old and under is a recipe for filth.

4. Hotel pillows are now small blocks of torture invented by chiropractors to boost business. Well played Abbie.

5. The Febreeze balsam candle makes a pre-lit artificial tree the best thing since well, the pre-lit artificial tree.

6. I hate to wrap gifts. I have decided to wait until the Mayan calendar expires. No sense wasting valuable time.

7. I am sad to see The Voice ending but I am happy to welcome back Mad Men and Downton Abbey. Hmm... Adam vs. Don Draper...I may even add Bates' name to the list.

8. I handed Caroline her cup in the car and then her chicken nuggets. Next, I handed her her apple slices and she said "I cannot hold that, I only have 2 hands Grandma. I am not an octupus."
Truth from a 3 year old.

9. I have purchased Christmas cards and stamps. I am maintaining that it's the thought that counts.

10. I watched the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton movie starring Lindsay Lohan. She should have been arrested. That was a crime involving the theft of my time.

11. Larry Hagman died so a funeral for JR Ewing on the next season of Dallas is pending. I will miss the white kittens.

12. Instagram is this lazy girl's version of blogging. Follow me  at janiefox2.

13. This gets my jingle on...

Baby Cliff is keeping his hair! 
14. Since I have a fear of heights Jackie helped me put up my Christmas lights since all the ladders were at Mag's house that's being built. Up on the rooftop Jackie  paused ...
Besides, I needed to hold the camera. Pajamas are the standard uniform when decorating rurally.
15. My Christmas to-do list is long but I am taking time to enjoy the preparations. It is about time spent with family and focusing on the true meaning of the season. It isn't important about how well the gifts are wrapped. That is a good thing since I pack the gift boxes and let Stuart wrap them.
16. I have discovered that Toblerone candy bars now come in mini sizes. Further proof that Satan is alive and living amongst us.
17. I am resolved to stick with the Holiday grapes. Satan...get thee behind me.
18. I told a friend shopping was a problem b/c I have 6 grandkids and I wanna get the moon for them. She said buy Despicable Me...he stole the moon. LOL
19. I am ever grateful for the continuing symapathy cards and emails of love and support for my family.
You bless me every day.
20. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all.
My favorite Christmas song...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thank you

I want to thank you all for
the kindness you have shown to my family
following the death of Dad.
The cards, the text messages and all the emails
were so touching.
I would love to respond to them all
but it is just overwhelming.
Your love and concern
for us in the passing of Dad
warms my heart.
I cannot tell you how blessed I feel
by the relationships my blog has fostered.

We are all doing well.
Weird as it may seem,
these days feel easier than  our previous months/years.
Watching Alzheimer's ravage our dad's personality,
stealing him away bit by bit was incredibly hard.
We cried many times.
We lost him a little more every day.
Believing in eternal life through the acceptance of Jesus
makes letting him go truly joyful.
We know he is in Heaven,
our true home,
fully healed and rejoicing.
We are counting our blessings
for all the years we had together
and anxiously awaiting
the time when we will be reunited.

Hats off to you Dad...
you left a legacy of love.