Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I Know For Sure 28th Edition

1. You don't have to be the person painting to drag your hair through the fresh paint. Or your sleeve.

2. Mowing with a zero turn lawn mower is an adventure. Especially when you take out your satellite dish.

3 After living in a 30' camper for 12 weeks, our house feels like the Taj Mahal.

4. I have started a workout program called T25 from Shaun T of Beachbody fame. I have re-named it P25 in honor of my bladder.

5. When in Disney you cannot rain on my parade even when it literally rains on my parade.


6. New red hats in the rain bleed profusely. They end up in the trash before they can ruin new white pants.

7. Professional movers pack a bit different than I do. Some boxes have 4 items in them. Some have 101. Wrapping a plastic hand broom and dustpan in bubble wrap and paper then putting it in a box with a vase and a bowl is the way they roll.

8. Embarrassment is realizing as you unpack a box's contents that your fitness before and after  photos were sent off to the restoration company with no explanation as to why these pictures exist.

9. I am not smarter than a 5th grader. One episode of that show convinced me. But I am funnier than a certain farmer. Even if he disputes the fact.

10. The main reason I do not blog is the picture component. I dislike taking pictures and I detest being in them. I do not edit and I have no desire to learn to edit. I also don't blog because I have discovered The Waltons are on 4 times a day. Monitoring my dvr is a time suck and blogging falls to the wayside.

11. Reta moved home. Stella stayed at Annie's. Apparently the food falling from kids' chairs is much more of a draw than the peace and quiet of the old folks' home.

12. My linens will never look as good as this again. I suspect Satan designed king-sized fitted sheets.
13. All my clothes and linens came back beautifully hung and/or folded. All except for my American and Christian flags. They were stuffed into a plastic quart bag. They are back on their poles in their stands. A few wrinkles can't keep my Sunday School roots down. 

14. I pray for celebrities, like little baby North West.  Randy Travis. And George Clooney. I am just sure that he is lonely.

15. Baby Cliff is 10 mos. old. He has had 4 haircuts. He is the envy of his Great Uncle Doug.

16. Aubrie and Everett are in desperate want of hamsters.  They are convinced that I will buy
 anything they want when their mom says it is something they need to save for. I think I may  have created that monster.

17. When we were unpacking, Aubrie noticed I had a vintage fish bowl. She said she would get me a fish. I was all yeah, yeah. Then she and her mother did. We have named him Miracle. It is a miracle I allowed it and a miracle if he lives.

18. I think fish and hamsters are a fair trade. Look out Petco... I have hamsters to gift.

19. Caroline wants a pony. I am scared to think what is a fair trade to that.

20. I will do a blog of the house restoration...just as soon as the I Love Lucy marathon is over.