Saturday, October 19, 2013


Hey gang...
how are y'all?
Life is busy here with harvest and family.
Everybody is good.
I really appreciate the emails from you readers
asking me to blog again.
I want to, but I want to sit on the porch,
sit around a fire,
go to festivals and auctions with friends.
I have grands' soccer games to attend
and family to take pranking.  
There's leaves that need raked,
farmers that want fed and always chores to get after.
I haven't read blogs hardly at all.
but I did catch a few this week.
It actually inspired this post.
 I read a blog where the author was really struggling with hard stuff.
I hurt for her and prayed for her.
I thought about how blessed my life is.
I went as far as thinking...
"gee, I have such a great life.
I have hardly had any sorrows."
Then I realized uh yeah, I have.
To name  just a few...
our twins death,
my dear college friend died at age 37, from colon cancer leaving two young children.
Stu's uncle, that we adored, died in his sleep at age 51.
Maggie had a 4-wheeler wreck and had to have emergency surgery.
my mom almost died on a trip to Branson and had a heart valve replaced.
my good junking pal went into the hospital with pneumonia
and died of a heart attack while there
my beloved father-in-law showed up here at the farm same as always, bright and early,
only to fall ill, be rushed to the hospital and die by that afternoon of an aneurism.
our beautiful nephew was killed in a car wreck leaving behind a wife and two little kids.
a close friend hurt me so bad that our friendship never recovered.
a family member betrayed and cheated us.
my dad suffered from Alzheimer's
 while we watched his personality and health decline in a very ugly way.
Ollie was born with a heart defect and needed Open Heart surgery.
We had two fires this Spring.
First the house and then a few months later,
a hay field, and a truck and trailer while hauling big hay bales.
Did I forget those stressful things?
The honest truth is God made it bearable.
He never left us.
He gave us strength.
He carried us on the truly hardest days.
I cannot imagine how those trials would have affected us if we were not believers.
His promises kept us strong.
Oh sure,
we have questions.
We wonder why at times.
But, I know when I walk in Heaven's gates
 those questions we will have obvious answers.
Our God has a plan.
His plan is always, always the best.
I have witnessed it time and time again.
I admit there are times I tried to do it myself,
only to realize I needed to give to God.
I'm far from being perfect.
I am the one who lays it down but then picks it back up.
Over the  years, I have learned that taking it back does not work.
I need the Lord and
his wisdom, his guidance, and his strength.
I don't want to live in this world without him.
The truth is our blessings
during/after those hard times
far, far outweighed the strife.
Our most precious blessing being the gift of his unfailing love.
With Jesus, life is good
even when it's not because,
God is good all the time.
He really, really is.


  1. Well, it's about time you showed up :) And what a relief to know you're busy and blessed.

  2. You are loved more than you will ever know. These hardships make us better people. I can't wait to see what the purpose of them were when we get to Heaven.

    You're my favorite.


  3. What a beautiful post to put things in perspective and be reminded that there is a higher purpose for what we experience. Great to hear from you again, by the way!😄

  4. you made me cry, sweet friend.

    it will SO be worth it all when we see Jesus.
    He's so unbelievably, unfailingly good to us.

    love you!


  5. OMG . . . I so need to read this. Life can become so overwhelming sometimes and you wonder how much more you can take. There is so way my family and I would have made it through the last few years without God. There is a season for everything and we just have to endure it and know that God sees and hears it all. He has something so much better planned for us . . . . keep believing kiddo :O) Blessings, xo

  6. I am so grateful you wrote! I needed to read this today. Thank you:)
    Ps-I just peeked at your profile that said Little Women was a favorite movie. Do you know the ugly cry that Beth does when they bring her down at Christmas to see the piano!? Agh! I could weep just thinking about it! I love it too!!

  7. :) I remember making the decision to not become bitter. It would have been easier to be's where my mind, heart and body wanted to go. I'm glad you chose better!!

  8. Oh friend this is just beautiful. Real, honest, heart spilling beauty. Thanks for sharing :-)

  9. Beautimous.

    I hope Abbie or you, posts pics of her new house.... when you have time, of course.


  10. How real, how true, how heartfelt! You said it all and if we all stop and think we have all had many things happen to us in our lifetime but so thankful for our precious savior and the hope he gives us!


  11. Some how I missed these last wonderFULL posts! I ADORE your writing Janie. Haven't tried instagram yet, but I'm sure you rock that too. Love the hashtags! Just knowing you're out there, keeping the faith n fun despite the craziness (we too had equipment fire + more), truly helps strengthen MY faith. That's the kind of gift I value most these days. I wish you and all you love, many blessings in the New Year!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. I wish my son could read this as he messaged me the other day wondering why "my" God had allowed a close friend get killed in a plane crash. I tried to tell him God didn't allow it. You are a good example of someone who has been through the fire and came through it with God's help. God bless.


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