Monday, October 21, 2013

What I Know For Sure -29th Edition

1. Instagram has become my mini blog. Follow me at janiefox2.

2. I admit to loving a hashtag and constantly over using it.
#icantcare #getoverit #yourenotthebossofme

3. I was saddened but not surprised to learn of Kris and Bruce Jenner's impending divorce.
Over the last few years she has morphed into a media ho and he has morphed into an old lady.

4. I am not a Halloween fan b/c I don't like the scary part of it. However, I am a huge fan of fall pranking and dressing up.

5. When someone leaves their doors unlocked during prime pranking season, it is an invitation to enter and re-arrange their living room.

6. If we eat all your mini Butterfingers, I will make good and replace with a new bag.

7. Life-size silhouettes beg for conversation bubbles to be placed on them. #howudoin'?

8. When Annie and Jade have a Beachbody event outta town, Grandma Janie will pony up and spend the night with the kids. Pa Stuart will farm until 11p.m. then insist the need to stay in his own bed so he can rise every few hours and check his corn bin transfers.

9. I invited Caroline to spend the night with the gang because 4 spilled bowls of popcorn are better than 3.

10. I am not a fan of cats. Annie and Jade have a teenage house cat.

11. You know when a cat is a teenager because they are long and skinny. They are annoying, and want to stay up late at night and be loud.

12. Stella went to stay with Annie's family when we had a fire. She never returned home. It is better this way since she stole Everett's heart and she took her funky smell with her.

13. Letting the house cat out when you let the dogs out at bedtime is not a good idea. They head straight for the ornamental grasses.

14.Coyotes like the dark. And teenage cats.

15. Texting for instructions is key to retrieving the cat. Or waiting until it comes up on it's own.

16. Some people over react when things go off schedule at bedtime.

17. If you are the only one in the home who is allergic to cats, the cat will demand to sleep with you.

18. A cat's median body temperature is 212 degrees.

19. Moving your feet under a quilt doubles as a biting game for teenage cats.

20. When you give a 4 yr old  a homemade cookie and she lays down only to have a 2 yr old swipe it and you say..."you cannot lay food down where she can get it. She is a shark." ...your Animal Planet obsessed 7 yr. old granddaughter will add "well, actually sharks are not always aggressive. She is really more of a piranha."


  1. I feel so spoiled...two posts so close together. Makes me happy, happy, happy. :-)

    I understand EVERY THING you say about cats. My sister had one when we were kids that used to attack (everyone else says "play with") me. Scarred for life, I tell ya'!

  2. Oh! Balm to my world-weary soul when one of these posts of yourn pops up in my feed!

    And now that I know you too have issues with cats, we are even better friends. My daughter (mother of The Beloved Grandson) has two cats. I hate them. The day The Beloved Grandson shows a cat scratch on his handsome face is the day those cats will both meet with mysterious circumstances. I kid you not.

    One day, one of the cats climbed into Sir Patrick's crib and my son-in-law heard loud crying from the room. Sir Patrick had one of the miserable creature's paws in his mouth and was sucking on it. Said miserable creature didn't seem to know what to do.

    At least he didn't scratch The Beloved Grandson. Or that flea bag would be no more. World without end.

  3. hahaha! It seems the nuts do not fall far from the tree, and aren't you the blessed one for it. Still grinning and chuckling over your knowledgeable granddaughters animal planet lesson. What a gift she is. ...
    oh and Happy Fall to you in the land of changing color.

  4. Oh! How I've missed you.
    (And for the record, I am NOT a lover of cats and this post did nothing to change that fact.)

  5. #icantcare ~ ~ glad to see you're still using it. ;)

    I know nothing about Instagram!! :o

    I love cats.... I have an 12 yr old and a new baby...... she's wild and crazy ~ kind of like me!! HA!!!


  6. LOVE love love...this whole thing! ;)
    # LOVE # LOL...

  7. A month w/o Janie Fox is.....too long! (Almost long enough to make me check out Instagram. But not quite.)

  8. You might be the only person who has made me want to be in Instagram.
    I'm still a hold-out.

    Am I really missing out?

  9. Hi Janie! My name is Heather and I was just wondering if you could answer my question about your blog! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com I would greatly appreciate it!

  10. Hope you do these again ....I can't believe on how prophetic you were about #3!


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