Monday, February 28, 2011

Unspoken discrimination

There is a prejudice
that no one talks about,
yet it is real.
It is the act of television viewing.
I am a TV person.
I like TV, and I get judgment, A LOT.
I like to read, I like to look at magazines,
but I love to watch TV.
I get the raised eyebrows, 
or the even more common remark,
"I don't watch much TV."
It's said snarky-like as though 
those who do, are less intelligent,
or somewhat less motivated.
It is often said with an uppity attitude,
as if television watching is inferior.
I ask, why?
Both are stories.
In either scenario,
you aren't the creator of the story.
The viewer and the reader are just
enjoying someone else's work.
What's with readers thinking 
a book is superior?
One believing a reader 
is more worthy than a viewer.
There is trash in both mediums.
I don't watch bad television.
It has been a process,
but if I can't watch it with mom or Jesus...
I ain't watching it.
I miss some shows.
I wonder what the Walkers are doing...
but garbage in, garbage out.
I want to live a intentional life.
I don't want to watch shows
that teach values and morals
I don't believe.
I could get sucked back in easily.
I see a commercial, and I want to
but... I try to refrain.
Sometimes, I fail.
I am not perfect, but I am trying.
The Oscars, were not worth watching.
The f -bomb is stupid in an acceptance speech.
Disrespectful, and I think, it was planned.
But I digress.
However, there are plenty of decent shows.
Why is a morally sound, 
family friendly show 
of less value than a book?
So, I ask you book snobs... 
lay off the TV people.
We are not stupid, we are not lazy.
We like our entertainment 
in a different form.
Not better, not worse, just different.
On that note, I am off to read a bit 
and then 
watch my Harry's Law at 9.
Judge Judy Reader,
can't we all just get along? :)
P.S. I am not upset, just saying.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is pure blathering at it's finest.
Be warned, nothing entertaining here.
It was a good Sunday.
Church, then lunch out 
followed by a quick stop 
at Walmart.
We attend church about 
30 minutes from home.
There is lots better eating places
and much more shopping spots
in church town.
I wore my new golden slippers
and they are awesome.
Thank you God
for glitter!
I felt like a genie.
"Genie in a bottle" kept running 
through my mind...
and that ain't no church song!
After getting home
Stu moved an auger,
I started laundry, then
we paid a visit to my folks.
When we got home to stay,
Stu went to feed 
and I decided to roast some coffee.
It is a smelly job.
It is a chore I do in the garage.
It smells like burnt microwave popcorn
during the process and 
like heaven afterward.
You reek from the smoke.
Clothes, and especially your hair smell.
We were having friends over later 
and I didn't want to have to re-wash  my hair.
I had a genius plan.
I covered my hair 
with a Walmart bag
twisted it in front then,
clipped it tight with a clothes pin.
I was deep in the roast when Stu came in. 
He did not even comment 
on my resourcefulness.
"Oh Miss Scarlet, you come on
and eat jess a little, honey!"
( a little "Gone With the Wind" Mammy talk)
He still hasn't mentioned it. 
We had friends come for an easy meal.
Maggie, Kylie, and Caroline too.
We cooked hot dogs in the fireplace,
and we girls settled down to watch the Oscars.
The men perused Maggie and Kylie's house plans
with Maggie and Kylie.
I put together an Oscar gift bag
for my friend Jamie.
Not as good as the stars get
but in a farm-wifely budget, not bad.
We watched gabbed until 
they decided to head home.
I gave up on the show and hit the shower.
We were having a major thunderstorm.
 The power flashed on and off several times
so I decided to shower before 
 the next round hit and we lost power.
Water from a well and no power, 
means no water.
After my shower,
I went to hang up my towel and
I was wounded.
This fell and hit me in the mouth.

It is a piece of old woodwork
that we use as a towel bar.
It is heavy.
It hit right on my lip.
 nice pic... don't be jealous of my awesome old and the chinny chin hairs...
It split and I bled like a hog.
They bleed easily I guess.
I didn't make up the saying,
I just sling them as I see fit.
Anyway, it hurt.
I about took a knee.
Another fave saying around here.
Seriously, if I were a man,
we would be at the hospital.
It is swollen and sore.
It is cut all the way through.
I am hoping I have trouble eating.
A loss of poundage resulting from this wound.
I am committed to making it a positive thing.
You know, if life gives you lemons,
make lemon bars..
Although, if I can't drink coffee I may cry.
After all, I have fresh beans to grind.
That's Sunday drivel.
Peace out.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Interview with a Superstar

Earlier I led with the story of a name scandal. You can read the story here.
Today I am back with this infamous celebrity who has been the topic of discussion here at Janie Fox talks. She would like the opportunity to tell her story.  Let us begin.

Although it has been documented in legal papers that your actual name is Rita, you still continue to use the name Reta. Can you tell our readers what is behind your motivation for this?

Is it because you are famous, or is the accusation true that you are in fact, highfallutin? Could it be that you feel the need for a stage name? Or are you in actuality a victim of mistaken identity?

Let's move on. Recent reports have labeled you obese and possibly morbidly obese. How do you respond to the allegations?

By refusing to comment on this subject, critics will say you are hiding something. Is it accurate to say you are naturally heavy, or are you a victim of bingeing and bingeing?

Okay, clearly you are not comfortable with this subject matter. In relationship news, are you dating anyone?

Isn't it true that you have been spotted with Stella on a regular basis? 

What is the status of this alliance?
Is it just friendship, or something much more serious?

It has been reported that you are indeed sleeping with Stella. How do you respond to these declarations?

Well, unfortunately you have not been very forthright with your answers today. I fear you will leave our readers with even more questions.
For now, I would like to thank you for your time. I wish you well. 
I hope you harbor no ill feelings towards this journalist at this time.

This is Janie Fox, over and out. 
God save the queen.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I Know For Sure - 5th Edition

1. Things aren't always what they seem.

2. Some kinds of crazy cannot be fixed by a pill.

3. Blogging is cathartic.

4. I need HIS grace daily.

5. Excessive consumption of fat free is no longer fat free.

6. What the world calls smart, God calls stupid.

7. The top of the muffin is best, but not when it concerns my jeans.

8. The Oscars should be more about the films and less about the clothes.

9. God isn't looking for talented, he is looking for obedient.

10. I have never seen Jersey Shore, yet I know most of the cast :( 

11. Faith rests on God's power.

12. Count your blessings, then share them.

13. You can't change the past, but you can dwell on it and ruin the present.

14. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. 

15. If you want the world to change, start with yourself.

16. Be true to yourself, you are the only you.

17. I love you like a fat girl loves cake.

18. I love cake.

19. Cellulite should be a four letter word.

20. Blathering is in my blood.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And baby makes three...


 Stuart and I were high school sweethearts.
We dated while I did the college thing.
He rented ground and started farming. 
We got married, I graduated,
and we wanted a baby.
We had been together a long time, 6 years.
We were ready to be parents.
Our first born came along
1 1/2 years after we said "I DO."
We were a family and beyond happy.
She was a whopping 9lbs. 15oz.
with tons of crazy hair.
I thought she was beautiful.
In truth, she looked like John Belushi.
Her swelling went down.
Then, she really was beautiful.
One week with her and I knew.
I didn't want to leave her
to go back to work.
I was a Family Services major.
It was 1982.
There were no jobs in that field.
I was working as an aide 
for a mainstreamed DS boy
in the first grade.
(God moment, right?)
I was fretting and sad.
Stuart came in one day
and outta the blue said to me
"If you don't want to go back to work,
we will make it work."
I LOVE that man.
So I became a stay at home.
It was the best decision.
I had twin sons 20 mos.later, 
( we lost our twins after they were born, that's another post)
Abbie in the next 12 months,
and Maggie 18 months following Abbie.
5 babies , 4 pregnancies in 4 1/2 years,
is not a boss's dream.
To say she is pretty is an understatement. 
Skin, hair, teeth, and figure.
The kind of girl who makes it look easy.
However, she is also low maintenance.
She is shy, almost to the point 
as being perceived as stand-offish.
She so isn't.
If you get to know her,
she is as nutty as the rest of the clan.
She has always been an over-achiever.
Like her sisters, she was a good student.
Actually,the best of the bunch.
She was sixth in her HS graduating class,
 Summa cum laude at SIU.
She is organized,
very organized.
She is the most type -A 
of all three daughters.
She works hard.
She takes her job as wife, mother,and 
homemaker seriously.
Although, she is a goof.
She is silly too.
She laughs easily
and frequently.
  Most of the time,
she cries from laughing so hard.
Annie dated Jade for a long time. 
They truly grew up together.

High school, then college.
They have been married
7 years next month.

Jade is sweet, kind, witty and hard-working.
It feels like he has been around
more, than not.
We call him man-pretty.

He adores it, secretly.
He is a son.
We are blessed to have men who are sons, 
even though we didn't raise them.
Yay, son -in -laws.
The other first Annie gave me,
was being a grandma.
I cannot express how great it is.
It is the best feeling ever, 
to hold your baby's baby.
They are a gift from God.
Aubrie Grace was the first. 

I kept her every day
when Annie returned to work.
She is a mini me.
I am sure her parents are thrilled.
Annie was a buyer for a farm store.
After Aubrie, she went to work doing 
ag accounting software support at
local agriculture software business.
It was a better location, and better hours.
Ev came along just 20 mos. later.
 He is all boy.
He never stops moving.
Seriously, movement constantly.
He is all eyelashes and feet.

It was an adjustment 
after having Aubrie 
who is a reader and a crafter.
I had been there before though
with a kid named, Abbie.
And another named, Maggie.
He didn't faze me.
It was old hat.
I just had to get my bearings.
Ru-ru, the other grandma
(Jade's mom), retired when
Ev was 5 months old.
Then we started sitting 3 days/week
and 2 days/week the next.
It is the best job ever.
Helping them grow and sharing the days, 
is a blessing.
The kids built their own home
by themselves with help from
Stuart and family.

It took longer than a contractor would have,
over a year.
It was affordable though, 
and they are young.
They moved into their dream home
when Everett was 1 month old.
Annie is decoratey like me 
and her sisters.
Her house is super cute.
When Everett was almost 3,
we learned we were getting another
Reid grand baby to love.
Most of you know Miss Ollie.
She has been a blessing.
Her mommy and daddy
have grown so much 
in their spiritual lives.
Their prayer lives are enriched.
I am so excited to see such growth.
They are a team.
I am delighted to see 
they have a marriage, 
so close and tight.

They have a bright future ahead.
Struggles, strife, joy, and blessings.
I am thrilled to be up close and personal
to behold it all.

That is last post of my daughters.
They are pretty great.
With God's grace and a great husband,
I didn't do too shabby for an amateur.
Annie, Abbie, and Maggie,
this song is for you.
You are my greatest work
and the light of my life.
I love you all.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only her hairdresser knows for sure...

My last post was about
Abbie, my middle daughter.
Maggie said today 
while I was getting my hair done,
"When you doing me??"
I said "tomorrow."
I took a picture 
of Abbie at Annie's. 
Abbie cringed... Mag said
"Oh, she is going to blog about you."
I really wasn't but 
Mag gave me the idea 
and I can use all the help I can get.
Maggie is the youngest of my 3 daughters.
She is a cutie.
Stinking adorable.

She is a little shy until she knows you.
She is quick to laugh.
She has a heart of gold.
Maggie is the most laid back of the three.
She has fun and she is fun.
Maggie is my hairstylist.
She owns her own hair salon,
Hair m.d.,
and has 2 great friends
working for her.
They have fun,
and really love each other.
Maggie is creative,
 that's a plus for her career.
She loves to craft too.

Like her sister
Mag took some college courses
while in high school.
While, Maggie knew she wanted
to go to cosmetologist's school
for a long time,
I wasn't sure it was wise.
I convinced her 
to go to 
 a university.
She went a semester.  
She was miserable.
I got my head out of my rear, silly mom.
I told her you have to do what you love.
Doctors and lawyers need haircuts.
Follow your dream.
She did and she does love it.
Maggie married young, only 20.
I was never concerned 
she was too young.
She has always been mature.
She walked with God 
and never caused troubles.
She met the perfect Christian boy.

He had a band, she sold the merch.
Before long, they were smitten.
We say Kylie is
brooding, European- model pretty.
He secretly likes that.
He is sweet, kind,
a hard-worker.
He is quiet and funny.
He has a sweet rick.
That's bass guitar talk.
He loves and treats her like
any parents would wish.
They have been married 4 years next month.

They are parents to a sweet, wild
baby girl, Miss Caroline.
She has her daddy's eyes
and her mommy's smile.

She is a joy to everyone.
Come August,
they are welcoming
another little one
due just 2 days after 
 Caroline's 2nd birthday.
Maggie and Kylie
are starting 
their dream home in the spring.
It is going to be just across the timber
from Annie and Jade's.
Since the future holds
the possilbility of many doctor visits
and hospital stays for Ollie, 
they have moved into the basement
at Annie and Jade's.
They are the Nanny McFrees.
They can keep Annie and Jade's kids
in their home
and Caroline too.
 No one will be uprooted
in the times of stress.
I am proud they all worked it out.
Maggie and Annie call 
themselves sister wives.
Hmmm... not sure about that
but I do know every wife 
could use a good wife!
Be nice Annie, you're next.

the head bone connected to the neck bone

I have neck- jack.
I have a cricky neck a lot.
I blame it on failed tumbling feats.
Lots of falls and wipe outs on 
a young girl spindly neck.
But, I have a secret weapon
when it gets outta wack.
Enter Dr. Abbie.
Our middle daughter Abbie
is my chiropractor.
She is dang good.
Gentle, yet effective.
She can put that ol' spine
back into position
She practices in a little town 
about 30 min. away.
She lives in our hometown,
so I rarely go to her office.
She has an adjustiment bed
in her house 
and I get doctored there.
Abbie is an ambitious girl.
She is extremely goal driven.
She took college courses in high school
and graduated in 3 years, 
then graduated college in three, 
and chiro school in just over three more.
She knew what she wanted
and worked hard.
Abbie has gorgeous hair,
lovely skin, 
and a beautiful soul.
She loves fiercely.
Seriously,  mess with her loved ones
and she might take you out.
Well, she wants to anyway.
She calls me momma johns
and her dad, daddio.
She is one of our biggest fans.

She has a razor wit.
She is wicked funny.
She makes Maggie howl with laughter
and Annie cry tears from her humor.
Abbie is generous,
sometimes to a fault.
She will help anyone with anything.
Abbie would give you her last dollar.
Please don't ask her for it,
she has school loans to re-pay.
She has been married to Zac
for almost 2 years.
Ab is tall...5'10"
Zac is a giant at 6'5".
The Fox men are big guys
but Zac is tall even by those standards.

They suit each other well.
He has a sacastic sense of humor
and is funny too.
He loves her family.
We love him.
He hangs with her sisters' families
and enjoys it.
He works hard at his job,
and is supportive of hers. 
Abbie and Zac share life goals.
They have a great life ahead.
I am anxious to see what God has planned.
If you have a spinal issue,
sinus troubles, 
gastric problems,
call her up and let her work.
Two words... school loan.
Seriously, she is good at 
what she does.
You'll feel a whole lot better.
She is not a bone cracker.
She is gentle.
You will thank me
for hooking you up.
When Ollie couldn't poop
Abbie told us over the phone
how to look at her bottom 
to see if she was out of alignment.
Annie did the pressure that
Abbie explained to fix it
and volia'... dirty diaper.
But, don't worry
not every adjustment gets those results.

Beyers Chiropractic Pana IL
Dr. Abbie Ballard
If you see her tickle her under the chin.
It makes her crazy.
I get free treatments
because I am good advertisement.
You're welcome Abbie ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

5 of my favorites

1. Werther's Originals 
sugar-free caramel coffee candy.
These are beyond great.
But, remember the rule for sugar-free...
in excess= gastric distress
 2. Amazing Grace
I get it from QVC... it is my signature scent.
It smells clean, like soap and water.
I get lots of compliments.
Although my youngest, Maggie
insists it smells like an old woman.
I've got news for her... perfect.
I am an old woman.

3. Pink tote.
I love the color and the size.
It is super cute.
(Thanks Suzette for hooking me up!)
Annie carried it around the hospital
with all her breast feeding supplies.
She did return it, reluctantly I am sure.  
4.Tom's gold glitter shoes
Mine are ordered, and I am anxiously
awaiting their arrival.
Won't they be cute for Spring?
Plus the bonus is...
with every pair purchased
Tom's donates a pair to a child in need.
5. Bath and Body Shea cashmere lotion.
Absolutely best scent evah.
The awesome part is my husband,
Stuart loves the scent.
If I have this on hand...I get a foot rub nightly.

That's some of what I am crushing on right now.
What are you hooked on???

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ollie pictures

Check out Annie's blog today for 
really great pictures of 
Miss Ollie Faith.
Great job Jamie!!


The sandman hates me.
We don't fellowship much.
I am accustomed to his elusive ways.
I embrace my extra 4 hours a day.
So, suck it sandman,
I am so over you.
Topic change...
Yesterday I made the bread seen 
In my friend Jayme's
tutorial HERE
It turned out so pretty.
It is the easiest bread recipe
I have ever made.
An idiot could do it....
just sayin'.
Can I get a fist bump here?
No sugar, no eggs...
flour, yeast, salt, and water.
That is it.
It is a dense bread.
I used whole wheat flour, 
because I am trying to 
cut out white stuff.
Stuart said it is good.
I plan on having a piece 
for  my breakfast
with some fruit spread.
I took strawberries 
up to the munchkins house.
He was beyond happy to see me.
I am sure it was me and not the berries.
She was so deep into her Leapster
she could hardly give me a picture.
She is too big.
I want her to slow down.
I know.
Not going to happen?
Caroline was at Grandma Cathy's
Much more of this and 
I will be fighting Grandma Cathy.
Of course,
I partook of a little of this.
You ask,
Is that a leopard print glove
on my hand?
No, it is a teradactyl
who snuck into the picture.
Dang old age.
And sharp things that
tear old hide.
She is a little doll.
She doesn't mind 
cryptkeeper claws.

I roasted 3 types of beans.
Colombia, Decaf , and Espresso.
I cleaned the garage
and had time to read a bit.
Dinner out with our buds
and a visit on the couch.
Good Saturday.
Today, Stuart time-
church and lunch out,
some tax work,
and lounging predicted.
All in the life of a rockstar.
Gripping tales, eh?