Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And baby makes three...


 Stuart and I were high school sweethearts.
We dated while I did the college thing.
He rented ground and started farming. 
We got married, I graduated,
and we wanted a baby.
We had been together a long time, 6 years.
We were ready to be parents.
Our first born came along
1 1/2 years after we said "I DO."
We were a family and beyond happy.
She was a whopping 9lbs. 15oz.
with tons of crazy hair.
I thought she was beautiful.
In truth, she looked like John Belushi.
Her swelling went down.
Then, she really was beautiful.
One week with her and I knew.
I didn't want to leave her
to go back to work.
I was a Family Services major.
It was 1982.
There were no jobs in that field.
I was working as an aide 
for a mainstreamed DS boy
in the first grade.
(God moment, right?)
I was fretting and sad.
Stuart came in one day
and outta the blue said to me
"If you don't want to go back to work,
we will make it work."
I LOVE that man.
So I became a stay at home.
It was the best decision.
I had twin sons 20 mos.later, 
( we lost our twins after they were born, that's another post)
Abbie in the next 12 months,
and Maggie 18 months following Abbie.
5 babies , 4 pregnancies in 4 1/2 years,
is not a boss's dream.
To say she is pretty is an understatement. 
Skin, hair, teeth, and figure.
The kind of girl who makes it look easy.
However, she is also low maintenance.
She is shy, almost to the point 
as being perceived as stand-offish.
She so isn't.
If you get to know her,
she is as nutty as the rest of the clan.
She has always been an over-achiever.
Like her sisters, she was a good student.
Actually,the best of the bunch.
She was sixth in her HS graduating class,
 Summa cum laude at SIU.
She is organized,
very organized.
She is the most type -A 
of all three daughters.
She works hard.
She takes her job as wife, mother,and 
homemaker seriously.
Although, she is a goof.
She is silly too.
She laughs easily
and frequently.
  Most of the time,
she cries from laughing so hard.
Annie dated Jade for a long time. 
They truly grew up together.

High school, then college.
They have been married
7 years next month.

Jade is sweet, kind, witty and hard-working.
It feels like he has been around
more, than not.
We call him man-pretty.

He adores it, secretly.
He is a son.
We are blessed to have men who are sons, 
even though we didn't raise them.
Yay, son -in -laws.
The other first Annie gave me,
was being a grandma.
I cannot express how great it is.
It is the best feeling ever, 
to hold your baby's baby.
They are a gift from God.
Aubrie Grace was the first. 

I kept her every day
when Annie returned to work.
She is a mini me.
I am sure her parents are thrilled.
Annie was a buyer for a farm store.
After Aubrie, she went to work doing 
ag accounting software support at
local agriculture software business.
It was a better location, and better hours.
Ev came along just 20 mos. later.
 He is all boy.
He never stops moving.
Seriously, movement constantly.
He is all eyelashes and feet.

It was an adjustment 
after having Aubrie 
who is a reader and a crafter.
I had been there before though
with a kid named, Abbie.
And another named, Maggie.
He didn't faze me.
It was old hat.
I just had to get my bearings.
Ru-ru, the other grandma
(Jade's mom), retired when
Ev was 5 months old.
Then we started sitting 3 days/week
and 2 days/week the next.
It is the best job ever.
Helping them grow and sharing the days, 
is a blessing.
The kids built their own home
by themselves with help from
Stuart and family.

It took longer than a contractor would have,
over a year.
It was affordable though, 
and they are young.
They moved into their dream home
when Everett was 1 month old.
Annie is decoratey like me 
and her sisters.
Her house is super cute.
When Everett was almost 3,
we learned we were getting another
Reid grand baby to love.
Most of you know Miss Ollie.
She has been a blessing.
Her mommy and daddy
have grown so much 
in their spiritual lives.
Their prayer lives are enriched.
I am so excited to see such growth.
They are a team.
I am delighted to see 
they have a marriage, 
so close and tight.

They have a bright future ahead.
Struggles, strife, joy, and blessings.
I am thrilled to be up close and personal
to behold it all.

That is last post of my daughters.
They are pretty great.
With God's grace and a great husband,
I didn't do too shabby for an amateur.
Annie, Abbie, and Maggie,
this song is for you.
You are my greatest work
and the light of my life.
I love you all.


  1. Aaah, the one I know best. They r truly your greatest life's work Janie. Ann

  2. 1) Annie is dear.
    2) Aubrie is the spitting image of Annie in the high school dance pic.
    3) Jade is dear too, and it cracks me the heck up that he looks slightly startled in most pics.
    4) Will you adopt me and John? hahah

  3. Geez - this and hormones is too much today. Love you lots too Mom! My family is pretty spectacular - Jade, kids, you and Dad, Abb & Mag - we have it pretty darn good!

  4. She is a beauty...inside and out!

  5. Wonderful trio of daughters, are a lucky mama! You must be proud!

  6. crying.....

    I feel the same way about my boys... my life, my loves, truly a dream come true. I can't imagine loving anyone more.

    God is so good !

    thanks for sharing, Janie...


  7. okay seriously...i was already tearing up enough and then the song/video just pushed me over the edge right into the ugly cry !!! your love for your 3 girls reminds me of my mom's love for her 3 girls and my love for my 3 girls:) your girls are very blessed to have you, as much as my sisters as i are blessed with my mom...a mother and her girls :)

  8. Annie is great. She can always make me laugh and she is always there to comfort me when I am having a bad day. Little Ollie is so blessed to have parents like Jade and Annie.

  9. As I say about my 3 are blessed beyond measure.

    Susan from GA


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