Friday, February 18, 2011


I should be in bed. 
I could barely keep my eyes open
while I watched one of my fave shows
I had taped.
I love Kathy Bates.
She is 62.
She looks her age.
I saw Melanie Griffith last week.
She is 53.
She looks about 30 and weird.
Why do celebrities do that to their faces?
Melanie is about a size 0,
Kathy is a bit rounder.
I try not to buy into the celebrity crazy
but I find myself thinking
I need to look like that.
Not enough, to skip a meal but 
enough to chastise myself for not
being my high school weight.
I am sick that way.
I have food issues. 
My life is a constant battle
with wanting to be thinner.
I am focusing on health, not a size.
I have done the weight loss bible studies
and many different eating plans.
I like to eat. It is our social life.
Some say 3 meals a day...
some say 6 small meals a day.
I want to eat 1 meal a day
starting in the morning and 
ending in the evening.
I am a work in progress.
I have good days and bad days.
I refuse to give up.
But, I get tired of treading water too.
I have a partner, well several actually
who are on this same journey.
We try to encourage, 
but not make excuses for each other.
Anyway, back to my point. 
I am up and I should not be.
I mixed up the recipe and
I have the dough raising 
for the bread my friend, Jayme
posted about here.
Bread that I plan not to eat. 
I don't do well 
with even a small piece on trigger foods.
I am checking emails and then
I am off to finish my book.
It is sad, yet inspiring.
I spent time with Annie's littles today.
Caroline was off to the other grandma's 
to see out of state company.
I picked them up from preschool,
went to the grocery store,
then we played on the trampoline 
and enjoyed the weather.
I taught them how to play Hot Potato.
They thought it was a blast.
It isn't. 
They think I am fun.
They are easily entertained.
Tomorrow I am roasting coffee beans
and going to hold that baby again.
I didn't get my fill today.
I am not sure it is possible
to get my fill of her!
We have plans to go to dinner 
with good friends.
It is going to be a slower weekend
this weekend I hope.
Just lots of baby time and 
a few projects I want to do.
Hopefully I will have more
interesting things to report
in the next blog.
I have just about
bored my own self to sleep 
with this one.
If you are still awake,
consider it a bedtime story
meant to induce a coma.
Feel free to read it nightly.
You're welcome.


  1. The reason we (well, at least you and I) like people like Kathy Bates is because she is real (well, APPEARS to be real)....and that's just what this post is! REAL!

    I'm right with you (well, a little AHEAD of you age-wise) in the weight department.

    Enjoy your "baby time" this weekend. Bask in His grace & peace.

  2. If you look at the picture of Kathy Bates she looks GOOD for 62! I know it is so hard to maintain even...I finally figured out with all my jogging I am only maintaining!barely!..but still have 10 pounds.. boo hoo...I don't have food issues except I guess I still eat way too much! to do a post next on portion control...what a a half a cup of cereal is you say..have to keep trying..

  3. Girl, I can SO relate to you! I LOVE Kathy Bates! Love that she's round. Love her grey hair. Love that she's real. Love that you're real too! Haven't seen her new show yet. If I'm up, I'm snoozin' in the recliner. ;-)

    I can't decide how I feel about my "new" middle age body. Part of me wants to accept me just the way I am. Sigh....I know I should lose atleast some of this excess baggage. (I suppose it's a stretch to say I'm accepting me the way God made me. Not sure He planned for me to be this chubby.) I am a life-er at Weight Watchers. I'm sure they'd take me back. Maybe tomorrow.... LOL.

    Well you've inspired me....I'm off to the kitchen to bake some bread. :) Keep the smiles coming.

  4. Kathy Bates is the real deal indeed! Have a wonderful weekend with your family. Forget Melanie! Ann


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