Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poop please...

We are still in St. Louis.
Miss Ollie needs to poop.
She is eating well.
Her bilirubin count is high.
She is on a lighted pad.
It looks like a turquoise sleeper
but it is attached to the lit pad.  
She is zipped in tight and warm.
They tell us a bowel movement 
is how the toxins move out.
My kids just went home and laid
in a sunspot...but that isn't how this works.
This may be in part that she has a different blood type than her mommy.
Anyway, we are praying for poop.
She is fat and lazy and has stolen out hearts!

The stay is not bad.
The first night I had my own room sinceStu went home to take care of cattle.
Ruby and I didn't go to our rooms until almost 1:30.
We had rooms on different floors.
I told the kids I felt like I could relate
to how Jennifer Aniston feels.
I said not in a beautiful movie star way,
but in a lonely, all by myself way. 
Jade's mom (Ruby) said she felt like a widow
when she went to her room alone.
It was quite the joke. 
I do not have the illusion of great body, 
fame, or beauty.
I defended myself saying she came to my mind
and I don't know why.
They have hooted and teased.
Darn kids. They are relentless.
Sheesh ... I shouldn't talk.
I started calling Ruby, Courtney (as in Cox).
I say embrace the ridicule.
Ruby and I shared a room the next night.
It was like a slumber party.
I am thrilled that we are such great friends.
Her stupidity matches mine any day.
She is the straight man, then I am.
We enjoy each other.
Yesterday Ruby went home
to help with the other kids.
Last night Stu came to stay. 
He went back home at noon. Cattle need to eat.
Tonight I am on a cot in the kids' room.
I don't think they are planning a slumber party.
However, this is where the daytime/nighttime underwear has paid off in spades. 
I have plenty by just turning them all into daytime.
So suck it naysayers.
Please pray for a big ol' dirty diaper or two.
We want to bring her home,
 we want to sit and hold her.
This sitting and looking at her
in a bed feels like torture.

And as great she looks in the turquoise bili blanket
Grandma is ready to break out some pink!
I miss my other Littles and their Pa.
I want a overloaded diaper and I don't think
I have ever wanted that or prayed for that.
Never say never! Bring on the poo!

the next morning.


  1. I can't help but chuckle at this one. I can so relate to the "have to poop before you can go home" issue! That's always a post surgery "thing" and depending on the surgery it ain't no fun!

    Sweet Ollie is a beauty! What a blessing and an answer to many prayers! Congratulations Grandma!

  2. I still don't get the day and night undies... but what ever floats your boat granny... or should I say Jennifer - lol !

    That Ollie girl is just such a pudgey, fatty, doll !!!! I could love on those cheeks all day. Tell her to get off her tush and make a mess please !

    Praying for poop - never thought I'd type that sentence,


  3. Oh that is so funny! Jen and Courtney! I can see it in my mind and am so happy that you have a fun rapport with Jade's mom. Only a grandma could blog about poop! Come on Ollie! We are all waiting! I understand totally about putting our kids in a ray of sun for the jaundice thing... But times change and Ollie deserves the latest because she's got a big sis and big bro to go home to and impress. Ann

  4. Janie, she is so sweet! These pictures are just precious. I bet girlfriend is just waiting till the right moment to impress you all with her pooping skills!
    Can't wait to see her in some pink, although she's totally rocking the aqua in the meantime.
    Congrats again, Janie!

  5. yay I love the pic of her with her eyes open! I hope she is doing well today.

  6. too funny!! miss ollie is such a doll :)

  7. she looks so happy and content. a poop takes work! she'll do it when she's ready grandma:) happy valentine's day!

  8. Hears hoping for a good poop,lol! My baby is 20 months old and she we still sometimes pray for a good one. Loving the photos!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


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