Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sleep is over-rated.
I tell myself this when I can't.
It is an old lady thing for me.
I die around 11.
Sooner if I lay down.
Or if I get into a movie 
I am loving that I haven't taped
then, I miss the last 10 minutes
and awaken just as the credits roll.
I sleep great for about 3-4 hours
and then I am bug-eyed.
It has been this way for the last ten years.
I tried the meds...
Lunesta, Ambien, etc.
I don't like them.
Plus, they are to be shot-term fixes...
not to be used for a decade. 
Exercise doesn't change it.
These hormones are dying, mostly dead,
but they like to have a party in the night, 
while the world is sleeping.
Our bedroom is upstairs.
Stuart is oblivious to my shenanigans.
He knows I get up.
He says he hates it, but he doesn't join me.
It is okay.
I like my "me " time.
I am productive.
I read, catch up on blogs,
do laundry, mop floors,
and watch television.
There are 300 infomercials.
I have seen them all.
I have purchased a few.
I have returned most. 
About the time the chickens rise,

I am ready for a nap.
Sometimes I get one.
Sometimes I don't.
I tend to go about with my eyes looking

like 2 burnt holes in a blanket most days.
Concealer is my friend.
When I read to the littles 
in the afternoons
I am a narcoleptic.
I drag butt.
I am dying in the witching hour of 2 p.m.
Then I get my second wind, and all is good...
only to repeat the cycle all over again.
But, enough of this blather
I've got 70's sitcoms to watch!


  1. I know exactly where you are coming from Janie...and now I say the same thing as my mother.."If it is not done by noon it is not going to get done today"! Sometimes I send e-mails in the early morning...people ask me why I am up so early!

  2. ohhhh, you too? Last night was horrible. I am so swollen feeling this morning. 1:30am - still in bed wide awake listening to Glen snore, which somehow makes it worse. I re-wrote the song 'Love You Didn't Do Right By Me' last night to 'Sleep, you didn't do right by me - to send me a man with no sand in his hand wasn't smart....' get it - sand? man? Clever. or at least I thought so at 2am. Ah-men.

  3. I have a hard time falling asleep too sometimes. I can't shut off my brain. Have you tried Midnite?? I think that's what it's called. It's sold at Target and is all natural...doesn't leave you groggy and it's non-habit forming. I think it helps.

  4. Try Melatonin. It is the chemical that naturally causes sleep in your body and it is just a jump start to get you going. I love it! I will say that sometimes the effects wear off, then I just take a break for a week or so and when I start up again it works perfectly.

  5. I love being awake at night, it's my favorite time, so quiet, so peaceful. Sadly, I pay the next day. I chose to sleep now. I can't imagine not being able to SLEEP.

  6. My middle of the night shenanigans usually consist of watching police chases on some cable channel or people catching their significan others cheating on them. Oh, and yes, the infomercials which are rather fascinating at 2am but not 12 hours later. Warm milk is my tonic. My dad used to drink it when he couldn't sleep, I thought it was disgusting, but now I like the taste (with a smidgen of honey) and find it relaxes me, if need be. I tend to go in cycles and lately that thankfully has been sleeping all night. That will change and it be back to SPIKE tv again. Get some rest! Ann

  7. Melatonin works great! honestly!! its an all natural OTC pill. non addicting and also doesnt make you feel groggie in the morning! highly recommend it.

  8. Oh, Janie...I feel like I am late to the party! How is it that I just figured out you started a blog? I am obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer! So I just sat here and got myself all caught up. Here are my thoughts...
    I am a pillow-a-holic so I think you + I would make a great duo
    Your home is a stunner
    I want to have home roasted coffee with you in your kitchen
    Your girls are beauties
    I love that Casting Crowns song
    I adore the "What I know for Sure posts"

    I am so happy to have a new blog to read!!

  9. This has been my life for the last 2 or 3 years. Like you...I've tried it all. Almost everything worked for a little while. My husband used to kinda fuss at me. He thought my latenight hours put me into an endless, hopeless insomnia cycle. He has come around to know that my body is my enemy in respect to sleep. He says...sleep when you can sleep..whenever it comes. Boy, 57 is not for the weak. Now, like you, I try to make most long nights productive. But...sometimes I just watch useless crap on tv and wait for the clock to move forward and the sun come up. It is so funny that I used to be known for being able to sleep anywhere 14 consecutive hours....H.I.S.T.O.R.Y. sad to say. My husband's nickname for me is "The Roamer". I imagine there are thousands of us "out there" in the night.... ;)

    Susan from GA


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