Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Laundry room

This laundry room was my original kitchen.
While large for a laundry, it was tight 
as a kitchen with 3 kids.
The door leading in from the kitchen 
is door from a chicken coop.
It has a screen inset.
  I added a panel of bark cloth
to block the view and diffuse sound.
It was a window.
We didn't change it's size, so it is small.

The cabinets were here.
They were wooden, 
 I painted them a dark sage,
later taupe, and then
  my favorite color, pink 
when it became the laundry room.
I removed part of the doors 
when it was still kitchen.
I keep craft supplies on this side. 
The curtained area was a dishwasher.
It died and I don't have one anymore.
I am not a fan of them.
Call me crazy but
I would rather wash,
dry, and put dishes away
than have to face 
a full load to unpack
first thing in the morning.
I like the ritual of hot suds 
and flour sack dishtowels
that my momma embroiders.
I collect the red/green baskets.
I was a Longaberger consultant
and all those baskets are
either on loan to friends/family
or in the top of the shed.
I prefer old.
I also like the pink lights. 
It is like my own little honky tonk.
It is pretty at night
and it makes me smile.

We added the old doors to the cabinets 
 on the left of the sink.
The base cabinet was a weird, angled,
wonky thing that we removed.
I had a perfect sized one in 
my shop that "married up" great.
It  houses all my tools,
extension cords. 
It keeps me from needing a junk drawer.
On the right is a small freezer. 
I curtained the top cabinet
to be cohesive with 
the other curtained cabinet.
We keep our medicines,
sunscreen, etc in here.
I added reproduction decals to the doors.
I heart old decals, but while new
these make me happy. 
I distressed the whole thing
and mucked them up.
The cupboards house
my grandma's china and bulky items,
like crock pots and the popcorn popper.
We used to have the stove 
where the small freezer sits.
I had a table in the middle 
and a fat chair under the window.
Sometimes I miss the cozy
but, not when all my kids come home.
It helps to have the extra fridge
and freezer in this room.
The refrigerator in my kitchen
is all refrigerator, and no freezer.
I love it ... so much room.
My washer and dryer used to be
on an enclosed back porch 
where the new kitchen sits.
It froze on really cold days.
I don't miss that.
The wall cabinet I got at a local craft store.
It's shelf is enamel. So cool.
The door on this side
leads to my long front room.
I would have liked to remove
this opening, but it is the only
way to move appliances in and out.
That is the mistake we made
while doing the design and 
construction of the addition ourselves.
To remedy that I added a prettier door.
It is a happy accident.
The light shining through is lovely.

If I had my "druthers" 
I would remove all these cabinets
and use antique cupboards.
Maybe one day. 
I have pieces in the shed
that would work.... 
but  it is not a priority.
For now it works.
There are only the two of us.
We don't have much laundry anymore.
And this pink makes my heart sing!!


  1. Janie, I swear you have the happiest house I have ever seen!! I *LOVE* how much personality your laundry room has! And the cupboard above the washer and dryer is AWESOME!!

    Hope you guys didn't get hit too hard with the storm. We are buried here, but I don't mind a bit! ;o)

    Stay cozy!

  2. You have done such a great job! I agree it has such a wonderful personality to it. I am new to your blog and I am so glad that I found it!

  3. I have just added your laundry room to places I want to LIVE. :) I'm a pink girl through and through. It looks so looks like....home. :)

  4. that's too cute to be a laundry room!

  5. I really love your house!!!!!! I love color too!!!! Pink is my favorite!!!!!!

  6. Oh MY heart is singing too! Pink is perfect! I looooove old decals too and have quite a collection... Even an old childs dresser w/decals that I can't part with so I use as my nightstand! We've had two smaller kitchens w/old stuff that, truth be, I much preferred to this new one. I could go on n on n on... Wish you were closer! I sure could use your help feathering my nest!


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