Monday, January 31, 2011

my kitchen

Some of you have requested photos of my house.
Disclaimers first:
1. I  love to decorate.
 It may not be everyone's taste, but it is mine.
I prefer old over new any day. 
I am a junker and collector at heart.

2. This is not a photography blog.
My pictures are rudimentary at best.

I'll bring you in the way 
everyone who visits enters.
Come on in through the garage.
It comes into the kitchen.
We built this portion of the house on in 2000.
We needed a new chimney
and it was the easiest way 
to accomplish that goal.
We added the garage, kitchen downstairs
and upstairs, a master bedroom and bath,
with a basement under the kitchen.
There is a cellar under part of the original house.
On the left hand side is the working area.

This cabinet I "married" out of two
cabinets I collected.
I  had an antique shop
for several years and
did 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington IL
for many of those years.
I pretty much specialized in primitives.
I call my style grandma-funk.

Then the corner near the door to the yard 
and side porch.
The sink wall is my favorite.
The sink was my late grandma's
Stuart made the cabinet for it and I distressed it.
The big glass door cabinet is
"married" to the bottom one.
I found the top through my picker 
at the time and the base
I got at the 3rd Sunday show
with the hopes someday I 
would get to build my dream kitchen.

The yellow cabinet in the corner I use as a pantry.
I got it as a surprise in April for my birthday.
The small door was the window 
in my original kitchen. It is now the laundry room.

On the left side of the room
is a sitting area.
 I started with a couch here,
then later the table in front of the fireplace
and an old counter for an island 
where the table is,
But my family likes having the sofa
and chairs better.
It suits our lifestyle.
So, I am back to my original floor plan.

  My desk is beside the fridge.
It transitions into the sitting room side.
I LOVE old linoleum.
I have several pieces with it on their tops.
This piece is covered 
and the label is one of the drawers.
I love how people made things do.
They made repairs instead of getting new.
I also collect little cubby cabinets,
see the 2 on the top.
Most of the drawers are empty.
The one on the right
is made out of old crates.
Someone took lots of time 
to make this.
LOVE it.

Stu took one of my old doors 
and made a daybed 
for me and the littles to lay in.
They read with me, nap and watch tv here.
I love this spot.

Our nephew has a concrete and masonry business. 
 He built the fireplace.
Once those stones get warm, they stay that way for quite awhile. 


The green cabinet Stuart surprised me 
a year ago at Christmas.
He is a great Christmas shopper!
I collect ironstone (the white dishes)
and little chairs.
They are scattered around the house.
I have too many to group together.

 So that is the kitchen tour.
I like color.
I am a neat freak,
but I do like my collections out.
I can't live sparsely.
I have tried.
I have to be true to me.
I change things around 
 pretty often and with the seasons.
I think that comes from 
having a shop.
And a decorate-y mom.
Stop in and see it in person,
I'll fix you a cup 
of that home-roasted coffee. 
Next up, my original kitchen,
now, the laundry room. 
Guess I'd better 
get out that camera!


  1. i think the pictures turned out great. they all seem true to real life color which is the thing that bothers me about the pictures i take.

  2. Love your kitchen. It all looks so warm and cozy.

  3. I could spend days in your house just looking and touching it!

  4. You are ME! I can't believe the similarities! I absolutely adore the way you've furnished your new kitchen with old stuff!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

    I am dying over your married cabinets and most of all - your hodgepodge chairs. Seriously, SwoonAY!!!

  6. Orange is awesome. It's amazing Janie. just amazing.

  7. What a beautiful home! Warm and inviting. The kind of place I can really see myself "dropping by" for that cup of coffee. (Forget the fact that I'm across the country!) I love to read so I think the daybed would be my favorite spot. Reading and napping.....heaven.....

  8. Mother-I cannot believe you used that picture of me. I was totally talking to you in it. Geez. Your house is great-I have dibs on all of it! Suck that sisters!

  9. Heaven. Wish you were closer so I *could* just stop in for roasted coffee. And get you to help me put some order in my collections... I adore unfitted kitchens and am so jealous. Ours is tiny and I had worried it'd be too busy with unmatched cabinets or mismatched furniture. Plus hubby thought I was wacko. Our previous "temporary" (for 3yrs) closet of a kitchen had old married pieces and I adored it. I love everything you put together and can't wait to see MORE!

  10. How'd I miss this one?? Love your house. It reminds me of home. You and my mom decorate very similar. Love that fireplace and the colorful quilt on the bed. Great colorful happy place.

  11. I LOVE your kitchen Janie. I love that it is not like everyone else's and the unfitted quality. We hope to do something similar when we gut ours.

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