Friday, February 4, 2011

One month

It is true,
I started blathering 
a month ago.
I sat on the fence
for a really long time.
I had been reading blogs
and loving them.
I was encouraged by several 
to just "do it".
I had no problem commenting
on their blogs, but 
they decided the topics.
I wasn't responsible
for making it read-worthy.
But my daughter Annie and her "stalkers",
daughter Abbie and her followers,
my daughter Maggie and her readers,
(when she posts...sorry Mags, had to.)

 along with some of
my most fave bloggers
and facebook friends
kinda harassed me.
(in a kind and inspirational way)
I have never been a
journal kind of girl.
I have done bible studies
where we were to journal.
I struggled with it.
I kept a daily log 
of my grand kids' experiences
while I babysat,
so their moms
would feel a part of the day.
But, just putting me out there 
seemed scary.
I have discovered the secret ,
is not to worry 
about the content 
and it's worth to others.
I just write for me.
What I have found
is a whole community
of people who feel like me.
They have genuine hurts, 
real successes/failures,
and authentic stories.
We have connected. 
We all have the same hearts.
We love our God, our country,
our families, and our friends.
Worrying about topics...
was a waste of time.
They flood my brain. 
I wake at night,
 my mind swirling with ideas...
thinking...oh, that could be a post.
I don't think I am a writer,
by any means.
What I am, I think, is a story-teller.
Oh, and a talker. Do you think? 
Do the terms... 
wordy, ramble, blather
come to mind?
So you see, 
this blogging thing
is turning out to be
a huge blessing.
I cannot believe
how much I love it.
I am still shocked 
when I see a message
to verify someone 
is reading my words.
Your comments encourage me
and add joy to my day.
I now believe
even if no one read,
I would still blather.
However,  I want to say thank you.
In the words of Sally Field
"...I feel it and I can't deny the fact
that you like me right now,
you like me."
And readers, I like you too!!
Thanks for "listening" :)


  1. I had no IDEA you were so new to the "blathering" community! You are such a NATURAL.

    Ditto to everything you said! And a belated "welcome" to you.

  2. I think you are a writer! and I REALLY like you!...always wondered where that phrase came I know. See what a great wealth of info you look forward to your posts!

  3. You ROCK, woman. Here's to many many many more months of blogging to come! :)

    Happy Friday!


  4. And look at you girl, you already have almost 50 followers. I think I'd been blogging 6 months before I had that many. Seriously...I didn't get one comment for the first month or two if I remember right:0 Glad you took that leap of faith. It's fun right?!!

  5. You definately rock Janie! I am so glad that you decided to start a blog and I love stopping by and reading it! You are such a sweet lady, and you have wonderful kids and grand kids and hubby and in laws too!! I am so glad that I've had the opportunity to meet and be your friend through this neat blogging world! Thanks!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. We's *all* listenin and lovin it! AND what beautiful kiddos you make (in addition to beautiful home n blog)!

  7. Please tell Abbie that I'm going to use that photo for my profile on my blog, I hope she doesn't mind. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! Well done! I can't believe it's already been a month! The time has flown, and what a blessing you are to me Ms. Fox...what a blessing indeed!

  8. Janie! I don't comment often because I feel like you are so confident, but I realize that everyone needs to hear that "you are terrific"! sometimes. You have a great talent, not just writing and blogging, but being a great mom and grandma. Have a great weekend and I look forward to reading your blogs for a great long while! Ann

  9. Janie, you are a "blathering blessing"! I look forward to your blog posts! Not a writer? You are wrong about that girly! Your writing makes me smile and touches my heart. Keep 'em coming!

  10. Reading your words make me feel so "at home" know that warm feeling that is so hard to describe but you know it when you feel it.

    Looking forward to reading your words for a long time.

    Susan from GA


Thanks for reading my blather. I read every comment. They make my heart happy!