Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick update

Ollie is doing so good.
She is eating well now.
Annie is getting released today
and moving into a hotel 
attached to the hospital.
Hopefully, baby will get out
Monday sometime.
Her jaundice is under control
and she is eating well.
Those are really her only issues
at this point.
Her echo showed 
ther same as what 
we were told 
to expect.
Check outAnnie's blog
for the story and 
lots of great pictures.
Thank you again 
for all your support and prayers.
I feel so blessed.
New pictures soon, I promise.


  1. I am so beyond thrilled for you and your family. Seriously...HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!!! She is just a doll baby. Congratulations Grandma:)

  2. Thanks for all the updates, Janie...speaking for myself I check in at least twice a day to see her...she is beautiful!

  3. So happy Ollie is doing well. Love the updates. Sending up a prayer for you + yours.

  4. She is such a beautiful little angel! I am so happy she is doing well and I hope she gets to come home soon! Congrats again!

  5. I am so glad she is doing well!!

  6. Yay, can't wait to hear she's home snug with her awesome family! Prayers sent for her beautiful heart and the doctors who help her.


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