Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only her hairdresser knows for sure...

My last post was about
Abbie, my middle daughter.
Maggie said today 
while I was getting my hair done,
"When you doing me??"
I said "tomorrow."
I took a picture 
of Abbie at Annie's. 
Abbie cringed... Mag said
"Oh, she is going to blog about you."
I really wasn't but 
Mag gave me the idea 
and I can use all the help I can get.
Maggie is the youngest of my 3 daughters.
She is a cutie.
Stinking adorable.

She is a little shy until she knows you.
She is quick to laugh.
She has a heart of gold.
Maggie is the most laid back of the three.
She has fun and she is fun.
Maggie is my hairstylist.
She owns her own hair salon,
Hair m.d.,
and has 2 great friends
working for her.
They have fun,
and really love each other.
Maggie is creative,
 that's a plus for her career.
She loves to craft too.

Like her sister
Mag took some college courses
while in high school.
While, Maggie knew she wanted
to go to cosmetologist's school
for a long time,
I wasn't sure it was wise.
I convinced her 
to go to 
 a university.
She went a semester.  
She was miserable.
I got my head out of my rear, silly mom.
I told her you have to do what you love.
Doctors and lawyers need haircuts.
Follow your dream.
She did and she does love it.
Maggie married young, only 20.
I was never concerned 
she was too young.
She has always been mature.
She walked with God 
and never caused troubles.
She met the perfect Christian boy.

He had a band, she sold the merch.
Before long, they were smitten.
We say Kylie is
brooding, European- model pretty.
He secretly likes that.
He is sweet, kind,
a hard-worker.
He is quiet and funny.
He has a sweet rick.
That's bass guitar talk.
He loves and treats her like
any parents would wish.
They have been married 4 years next month.

They are parents to a sweet, wild
baby girl, Miss Caroline.
She has her daddy's eyes
and her mommy's smile.

She is a joy to everyone.
Come August,
they are welcoming
another little one
due just 2 days after 
 Caroline's 2nd birthday.
Maggie and Kylie
are starting 
their dream home in the spring.
It is going to be just across the timber
from Annie and Jade's.
Since the future holds
the possilbility of many doctor visits
and hospital stays for Ollie, 
they have moved into the basement
at Annie and Jade's.
They are the Nanny McFrees.
They can keep Annie and Jade's kids
in their home
and Caroline too.
 No one will be uprooted
in the times of stress.
I am proud they all worked it out.
Maggie and Annie call 
themselves sister wives.
Hmmm... not sure about that
but I do know every wife 
could use a good wife!
Be nice Annie, you're next.


  1. I have just loved reading about your sweet relationships with your girls...looking forward to hearing about Annie :)

  2. Mag is definitely a cutie patootie and fun. I almost started doubting her existence though b/c she never posts on her blog. I'm so glad to hear she's still alive and thriving. Did John Rambo scare her off or what? I just don't understand why she can't see her public needs her.
    Jamie or as Maggie lovingly refers to me:

  3. Aha! I have gotten hold of my husbands iPhone so I could comment abt your wonderful posts abt yr beautiful smart daughters and their hubs! I love the way they are supportive of each other. Good job mom and dad!

  4. Good Gosh girl...you talk about DNA..it's amazing how they look like you. I think everyone could like a sister wife...I wish more people could live that way...sharing and helping each other.

  5. I love your daughter Annie and her blog. I have followed her for a while now and came over to join you and tell you what a beautiful family you have. I am going to like stopping by. I wish you much happiness with the family and Annie and Jades new little miracle girl. COngrats to all of you! Anne

  6. saving the best for last..i know you are.

  7. so sweet...truly written by a mom who loves her girls like crazy :) and the nany mcfrees....had me laughing!!

  8. What a sweet post...and I love that "Love" necklace! Adorable. :)

  9. You were really thinking when you produced a chiropractor AND a hair dresser! I think all I'D need yet was a chef (or maybe someone who owned and operated a cleaning company).

    I like the way your family hangs together and helps each other out. I really wish our (married) children & grandchildren lived closer to us!

  10. The joy and love in this family is so apparent ! You done good Janie !

    thanks for sharing your amazing clan with us !


  11. my favorite part about this post, besides that i'm totally awesome and it's all about me, is the willow smith "whip my hair" video at the bottom. you're so hip mom. and fyi, it's stuck in my head BIG time now. i whip my hair back and forth, i whip my hair back and forth.....

  12. I just wanna know what video are you going to find for an Agvance Accounting Customer Support Representative that specializes in Inventory Movement?? Officially a Product Specialist. That's right - I specialize in products. Boom.

  13. Annie yours will leave you all bawling!


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