Monday, February 21, 2011

5 of my favorites

1. Werther's Originals 
sugar-free caramel coffee candy.
These are beyond great.
But, remember the rule for sugar-free...
in excess= gastric distress
 2. Amazing Grace
I get it from QVC... it is my signature scent.
It smells clean, like soap and water.
I get lots of compliments.
Although my youngest, Maggie
insists it smells like an old woman.
I've got news for her... perfect.
I am an old woman.

3. Pink tote.
I love the color and the size.
It is super cute.
(Thanks Suzette for hooking me up!)
Annie carried it around the hospital
with all her breast feeding supplies.
She did return it, reluctantly I am sure.  
4.Tom's gold glitter shoes
Mine are ordered, and I am anxiously
awaiting their arrival.
Won't they be cute for Spring?
Plus the bonus is...
with every pair purchased
Tom's donates a pair to a child in need.
5. Bath and Body Shea cashmere lotion.
Absolutely best scent evah.
The awesome part is my husband,
Stuart loves the scent.
If I have this on hand...I get a foot rub nightly.

That's some of what I am crushing on right now.
What are you hooked on???


  1. Did I ever tell you about the great sugar free taffy incident of 2008? Ate a pound of it on the way home from Missouri. It was a long trip. I thought you weren't buying shoes!


    I'm crushing on the Cardio Coach exercise cd's. Incredible. I'm crushing on Constant Comment tea, ummmmmm, and that's all I got.

  2. I got my niece some Tom's for Christmas.

    I am crushing on :

    1. Your Blog
    2. Annie's Blog
    3. Bath and Body Works Lemon Summer Vanilla ANYTHING. It's from last year. Taken off the roster already. Why does this always happen?
    4. Orly "Basket Case" nail polish. It's pink. It's my signature cuh-lah!
    5. Blogger "In Draft". It lets me move my pictures around....after FIVE YEARS OF BLOGGING. Hallelujah.

  3. oooh....I may copy you for tomorrow's blog...I will link you. Would that be okay? And I want to hear if those Tom's are comfy cuz they sure are cute!

  4. I agree with Mags...Amazing Grace is stinky business.

  5. Amazing Grace is my favorite perfume too! You and Maggie are crazy ;-)

  6. I thought I was the only one that had those "issues" with sugar-free candy - lol ! Must be because I'm old too !!!!!!

    What I'm crushing on ? I've been showing off pictures of baby Ollie to my family as if I'm the grandma !!!!! Give those cute cheeks a squish for me !


  7. I didn't know that about sugar free stuff...not that I eat that much of it...I go for the real thing! I'm not crushing much about anything right now...except pics of Ollie!

  8. I love the Shea products from Bath and Body Works. I am allergic to the sugar free additives so I have to watch the real sugar stuff. I have worn Oscar de la Renta perfume for nearly 30 years. Why stop now? I love it! I love shoes especially good walking shoes and I love Barbie! Never too old for Barbie! I loved reading your crush list. Anne

  9. My oldest daughter gave me a pair of Tom's for Mother's Day last year. LOVE them (in my best Oprah voice)!!!! They are sooo comfy. A bit pricey for me...but GREAT as a gift...hint hint...

    Susan from GA


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