Sunday, February 20, 2011


The sandman hates me.
We don't fellowship much.
I am accustomed to his elusive ways.
I embrace my extra 4 hours a day.
So, suck it sandman,
I am so over you.
Topic change...
Yesterday I made the bread seen 
In my friend Jayme's
tutorial HERE
It turned out so pretty.
It is the easiest bread recipe
I have ever made.
An idiot could do it....
just sayin'.
Can I get a fist bump here?
No sugar, no eggs...
flour, yeast, salt, and water.
That is it.
It is a dense bread.
I used whole wheat flour, 
because I am trying to 
cut out white stuff.
Stuart said it is good.
I plan on having a piece 
for  my breakfast
with some fruit spread.
I took strawberries 
up to the munchkins house.
He was beyond happy to see me.
I am sure it was me and not the berries.
She was so deep into her Leapster
she could hardly give me a picture.
She is too big.
I want her to slow down.
I know.
Not going to happen?
Caroline was at Grandma Cathy's
Much more of this and 
I will be fighting Grandma Cathy.
Of course,
I partook of a little of this.
You ask,
Is that a leopard print glove
on my hand?
No, it is a teradactyl
who snuck into the picture.
Dang old age.
And sharp things that
tear old hide.
She is a little doll.
She doesn't mind 
cryptkeeper claws.

I roasted 3 types of beans.
Colombia, Decaf , and Espresso.
I cleaned the garage
and had time to read a bit.
Dinner out with our buds
and a visit on the couch.
Good Saturday.
Today, Stuart time-
church and lunch out,
some tax work,
and lounging predicted.
All in the life of a rockstar.
Gripping tales, eh?



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  1. You need a couple of days doing what you want to do!..take it easy. I am going to start embracing the non-sleep also...I could really use that time's little chin is just adorable!


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