Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the head bone connected to the neck bone

I have neck- jack.
I have a cricky neck a lot.
I blame it on failed tumbling feats.
Lots of falls and wipe outs on 
a young girl spindly neck.
But, I have a secret weapon
when it gets outta wack.
Enter Dr. Abbie.
Our middle daughter Abbie
is my chiropractor.
She is dang good.
Gentle, yet effective.
She can put that ol' spine
back into position
She practices in a little town 
about 30 min. away.
She lives in our hometown,
so I rarely go to her office.
She has an adjustiment bed
in her house 
and I get doctored there.
Abbie is an ambitious girl.
She is extremely goal driven.
She took college courses in high school
and graduated in 3 years, 
then graduated college in three, 
and chiro school in just over three more.
She knew what she wanted
and worked hard.
Abbie has gorgeous hair,
lovely skin, 
and a beautiful soul.
She loves fiercely.
Seriously,  mess with her loved ones
and she might take you out.
Well, she wants to anyway.
She calls me momma johns
and her dad, daddio.
She is one of our biggest fans.

She has a razor wit.
She is wicked funny.
She makes Maggie howl with laughter
and Annie cry tears from her humor.
Abbie is generous,
sometimes to a fault.
She will help anyone with anything.
Abbie would give you her last dollar.
Please don't ask her for it,
she has school loans to re-pay.
She has been married to Zac
for almost 2 years.
Ab is tall...5'10"
Zac is a giant at 6'5".
The Fox men are big guys
but Zac is tall even by those standards.

They suit each other well.
He has a sacastic sense of humor
and is funny too.
He loves her family.
We love him.
He hangs with her sisters' families
and enjoys it.
He works hard at his job,
and is supportive of hers. 
Abbie and Zac share life goals.
They have a great life ahead.
I am anxious to see what God has planned.
If you have a spinal issue,
sinus troubles, 
gastric problems,
call her up and let her work.
Two words... school loan.
Seriously, she is good at 
what she does.
You'll feel a whole lot better.
She is not a bone cracker.
She is gentle.
You will thank me
for hooking you up.
When Ollie couldn't poop
Abbie told us over the phone
how to look at her bottom 
to see if she was out of alignment.
Annie did the pressure that
Abbie explained to fix it
and volia'... dirty diaper.
But, don't worry
not every adjustment gets those results.

Beyers Chiropractic Pana IL
Dr. Abbie Ballard
If you see her tickle her under the chin.
It makes her crazy.
I get free treatments
because I am good advertisement.
You're welcome Abbie ;)


  1. I Luv Abbie...she cracks me up. Literally and figuratively. John says she has magic hands and can always make him feel better. And I am ok with that. I have some clothes that just might be calling her name, especially if she would decide to decend on a Saturday morning and help me redecorate my house again...jk Abbie(about the redecorating...the clothes are yours if you want em)_, but seriously I love her wit and her willingness to help without even having to ask her. Like mama like daughter :)

  2. I would go to Abbie in a second if I was closer....I don't have good luck with chiropracters...I am always so tense that it is going to hurt I can't let them do anything..lol..then I go get a message...

  3. Wish we lived closer... as I find I have those times that I, or someone in my family could really use a good chiropractor.. Abbie has done very well with setting and reaching her set goals that she made for herself! That's really fantastic!! I know how proud of her and all of your kids you must be! You have such a wonderful family Janie!


  4. Ok, one more reason to come pay a visit to the Fox family. I had no idea Chiropractors could help with sinus issues!! I have terrible allergies. So much so that pretty much since October, I have 2 black eyes. I just can't seem to clear the problem up! Ugh. But I am so glad I read this post because now it seems I have something to try! THANK YOU!

    You have such an awesome family!


  5. We know a great chiropractor but he plans to retire soon! :( But if I lived close, I would see your daughter. I think the chiropractic art is amazing. You must be so proud. Anne


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