Sunday, October 28, 2012

What I Know For Sure-26th Edition

1.  The new Village People commercial for pistachios is ridiculous. They spell out CRACK.  I saw it and wondered why that ad man wasn't fired. That's what we want all our kids doing... dancing and spelling out crack with their arms. What's next Meth? Total fail.

2. The Green Mountain pumpkin spice flavored K cups are the bomb dickery.

3. The candy corn and peanut combo is not allowed in my house this fall because it would become the candy corn and peanut cleanse. I am weak and my gut is now a light weight to sugar.

4. The holiday grapes(large red globe -Cerise from California) are my new candy corn. They are candtastic. They are probably sold out at the store. Follow me home. I'll hook ya up.

5. Caroline calls Cliff,  "Chiff" which led Abbie to calling him "Chiffarobe". Kinda seems appropriate since he is the size of a small chiffarobe.

6.  I have been trying to read a book for over a month. Every time I get going, I fall asleep. It is why I am a TV head. They make DVR's for that.

7. My washer died. My laptop died. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop die. I hope it isn't my DVR.

8. I realized I now need jeans with a flap on the pocket. I do tons of squats/lunges per week but I look like I have stood a bit to close to the fire and melted my arse. But, (shameless pun) my milkshake still brings one boy to the yard.

9. After living 30+ years just a few miles from a state forest I have decided to hike there.

10. Taking the Coopkeeper to hike on a unfamiliar trail just an hour before dusk without a cell phone or a note at home explaining where you are isn't the smartest thing to do. It encourages running, cursing and praying to get out before dark.

11. Caroline and I have watched The Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman close to 754 times.  She knows the lyrics and the choreography to the songs. I catch myself singing the songs when she is not around. I curse Netflix and my too-low-of-an-octive -to- do-the-Chipmunks-justice voice.

12. Maggie's salon did a cut-a-thon for the Angel Tree a couple of weeks ago. Annie and I donned elf hats. I insisted on playing Christmas tunes. I have been listening to Christmas music for a week before it and  every since. Sadly, I am not still wearing the hat.

13. I am an Instagram junkie. You can follow me @janiefox if ya want. I do more liking than posting.

14. Adam Levine was my boyfriend but I have deserted him for Richard Rawlings of Fast and Loud. It is a garage show...but trust me on this one. Man Pretty on the left. You're welcome.

15. My blog header needs a photo revamp. I am waiting for all my picture files to be restored by my Carbonite then I fully intend to change it up. Or I may watch The Voice and do nothing.

16. My main desire with the man residing in the White House after the election is that the man has the Spirit of God residing in him.

17. I am in love with the new show Nashville and I am not really a country music fan. However, I am a fan about TV country music.

18. When I am not listening to Christmas tunes this is one of my faves. It still makes me wanna dance.

19. Remember the bra quandry. I got fitted for a new bra by a professional. Well, someone who professed to work at the store.  I got 3. Every time I lift my arms the bra rises up over my breastuses. I am thinking the bra fitter could get a job as an ad man for pistaschios. I heard they are looking for good help.

20. I added a signature to my email so if you get one unsigned, no subject matter and it is a is a hack.

Friday, October 26, 2012

All is well

Hello everyone!
Many of you have emailed me with concerns.
"why are you not talking??"
My laptop died.
The desktop doesn't do wifi
and there is no way I could do it on my phone.
I messed around with the old laptop
and finally conceded it was not to be fixed.
I got a new one this week.
Life is good.
I have been busy living life
and not taking time to write about it.
I jotted some things down to blog about
but never got around to it.
Lots went down.
Ollie was honored at a Cardinals game for
our family's fundraising efforts for
The Greater St. Louis Down Syndrome Assn.
Over 30 of us attended and walked around the field.
The fall pranking was a hilarious success
with us in full-on costumes.
Harvest is complete.
The Coopkeeper came for a couple of days
and got to help finish the last field.
Jackie and I camped with the littles.
I have nursing home stories
and grandkid funnies.
I was pretty sure I was going to retire my blog
but I decided to let you all know
I am alive and well.
I miss you but I am selfish with my time.
I workout every day,
keep the littles, love on baby Cliff,
go see the folks, try to maintain friendships,
spend time with my girls and my farmer
every hour is full...
and to be honest
there is a lot of great TV to watch too :)
Thanks for checking on me and praying for me.
Thanks for caring that I wasn't around.
I am going to try to get some things written down.
I get the feeling you people think you need me.
See what you've gone and done.