Monday, April 22, 2013

House fire

Life is busy here.
We had a house fire a week ago.
We are all fine.
It was a leaking gas line...
could have been awful...
but it wasn't.
We are fine.
The dogs are fine.
We had major smoke damage.
The entire house has to be emptied.
Every surface has to be cleaned and repainted.
All our stuff has to go out to be professionally restored.
We are living in a sweet 5th wheel camper of my sister, Judy's.
Reta moved in with Maggie's bunch
and Stella is in hog heaven at Annie's.
There's highchair food dropping action and they are pumped over that.
We are not sure how long we will be out but no matter
because we are sitting by our drive.
I can work in my flowers and sit on my porches.
Stu can work in his barn.
We had 10 inches of rain so he's not farming, yet.
God has a plan.
It is all good.
The day of the fire it was so windy.
They sent 9 trucks.
I called some friends who started the prayer chains...
I posted a prayer request on Instagram.
By the time the trucks showed up the wind had laid.
That's God for ya!
I am logging things that cannot be cleaned...
food, baby items, toys, health and beauty products.
It is time consuming but I can see what I had.
It was just smoke.
We could have lost it all.
And even if we would have,
there is so much more trouble in the world.
Stu said "we have each other...
we could live in the barn as long as we have each other."
He is right.
Every thing that matters to me is fine.
There is beauty in the ashes.
And fresh paint!
But please pray friends...
The restoration company has a lot of work to do.
The contractor does too.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Otherwise engaged

I write lots of blogs in my mind, in the middle of the night.
I wake and my mind starts whirling.
I think they are hilarious.
I amuse myself and then I drift back to sleep.
In the morning light I debate sitting down at my laptop
and hammering it out.
And then I get a cup of Joe and hit my veg spot 'til I can face the day.
I just can't care.

I have more fun things to do.
Blame this bunch.
Although, may I suggest before trying to take a picture
with 6 peas who are 7 years old and under...
Have a drink.
or 6.
Made me wish I was a drinker.
Also, consider that with 30 mph wind gales
you may appear to house owls in your hair.
We took hundreds of shots.
Okay, maybe tens of pix.
Most were hilarious.
Stuart kept talking.
I couldn't decide glasses/no glasses.
On the other side of this frame
were 8 adults yelling "cheese" and flapping their arms.
We are nothing if not a team.
I mean seriously, who picked out his old man pants...
and why do I not live in elbow-length gloves...
But, there were some redeeming ones.

Notice he and I are not in any of those.
So, I don't blog much.
I mean really...
can you blame me?
They are just so ding-dang much fun.
*note to need some new binoculars.