Friday, February 25, 2011

Interview with a Superstar

Earlier I led with the story of a name scandal. You can read the story here.
Today I am back with this infamous celebrity who has been the topic of discussion here at Janie Fox talks. She would like the opportunity to tell her story.  Let us begin.

Although it has been documented in legal papers that your actual name is Rita, you still continue to use the name Reta. Can you tell our readers what is behind your motivation for this?

Is it because you are famous, or is the accusation true that you are in fact, highfallutin? Could it be that you feel the need for a stage name? Or are you in actuality a victim of mistaken identity?

Let's move on. Recent reports have labeled you obese and possibly morbidly obese. How do you respond to the allegations?

By refusing to comment on this subject, critics will say you are hiding something. Is it accurate to say you are naturally heavy, or are you a victim of bingeing and bingeing?

Okay, clearly you are not comfortable with this subject matter. In relationship news, are you dating anyone?

Isn't it true that you have been spotted with Stella on a regular basis? 

What is the status of this alliance?
Is it just friendship, or something much more serious?

It has been reported that you are indeed sleeping with Stella. How do you respond to these declarations?

Well, unfortunately you have not been very forthright with your answers today. I fear you will leave our readers with even more questions.
For now, I would like to thank you for your time. I wish you well. 
I hope you harbor no ill feelings towards this journalist at this time.

This is Janie Fox, over and out. 
God save the queen.


  1. i feel like i can't even begin to respond to a post like this. w.o.w. WOW!

  2. Rita I like the way you handled the annoying press and papparazzi. Your best defense is to say nothing! And so what if you and Stella sleep together!? It's yr business girl!! Ann

  3. Hi-LAR-ious! Rita, A.K.A. Reta, has a very guilty look about her!

  4. is it any wonder i turned out the way i did? your blog is an absurdity and i'm 100% comfortable with it.

  5. Oh my LORD. You are ridiculous in the most delightful way. I do believe you be gettin' yo blog mo jo. More please.

  6. Janie and Reta/Rita.....this is FANTASTIC and you have officially made my day! Keep the ridulousness coming I need my daily fix!

  7. ps i think you are really funny and i love you

  8. This is about the funniest thing I ever read in blogland, janie! and yes, Rita could stand to lose a little ...

  9. Janie, I love, love, love reading your blog my friend!! Rita aka Reta is sooo darn cute, and so is Stella!


  10. Your blog brings a smile to my face each and every time... but this one... this one is your best yet ! HILARIOUS !!!! I have never seen a fatter, more adorable doggie ever. I'll need to show Bisquit because she's a real pudge and I think she's getting a complex - lol !!!!


  11. why is that your ending had me laughing so hard?
    poor puppy. maybe he needs a nice salad.

  12. As I get older (I refuse to say "as I age"!!!) I think I prefer "roundey" to describe my curves. I was 127 lbs when I delivered my daughters a few (30) years, now I'm not. RE/RITA, feel free to adopt "roundey" if you'd like!

    Janie....soooo glad I found you on the crack me up!

    Susan from GA


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