Friday, April 1, 2011

Jackie's wisdom

Jackie is my sister.
with Jud #3 son
My twin sister.
She has been my best friend forever.
She makes me laugh.
She has a fun nickname for me.
She calls me idiot or dumbass
pretty much all the time.
 I wrote about one of our escapades here.
We have many adventures.
We have traveled with college friends.
Her's actually, I went to a different school.
We went to Europe to see her son 
and traveled for 2 weeks.

 in Venice

She adopted the nicknames
on this trip.
I have no idea why.
We both married our HS sweethearts.
She has 4 sons,
I have 3 daughters.
Mine are all married,
her's are all single. 
She adores my littles,
and they love her.
When we get together 
we laugh alot.
She is not a good "phone talker."
Kinda awkward.
So much so, that you think 
she is really not interested.
She gives one word answers.
But I can get her to yak.
We have watched Lucy
and QVC on the phone together.
Yesterday I tried to tell her 
the situation with Everett's arm.
(He fell Tues. eve at gymnastics)
First the x-ray guy said
it was not broken,
just a bad bruise.
Then they called the next day
and said they
had missed the break,
to come back to doctor.
His dad took him.
They said it is a green stick fracture.
Treat like a bruise.
Then the results of the x-ray were sent to
Everett's pediatrician.
His office called yesterday and said
they are worried it may be a break
in the growth plate
 so they want to send him to St. Louis.
I am telling this to Jackie.
When I get to the part about St. Louis.
I say "they want him to see a 
pediatric orthodontist"...
what? I mean a "pediatric orthopaediatric"...
Now we are laughing..
huh?  gee.. I say jokingly
"I mean a pediatric Posturepedic."
We are cackling.
Finally, I say "Oh my gosh
a pediatric orthopedic doctor."
 "Can you believe 
I said pediatric orthodontist?"
She says
"well, he's gonna need one
if he keeps falling."
Ha!! she cracks me up. 
She is the Fey to my Poehler,
the Spade to my Farley
and the Jerry to my Tom.
He goes Monday to the POP.
(pediatric o.r.t.h.o.p.e.d.i.c. physician) 
Would someone let Jackie know?


  1. I'll leave Jackie to you...but I'm sorry to hear about Everett's break! My grandfather's name is Everett. He was a wonderful, wonderful man - Kansas farmer, lover of God. "Perfect", as far as I could tell.

  2. Awesome! I'm so jealous (tho maybe not of the nicknames. ) I'm an *almost* only child. My baby brother is 13 yrs younger and a city mouse. Love him dearly but not lots to yack about! ;-)


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