Friday, March 25, 2011

Dearly Loved

It is the weekend.
My life is busy.
I bet yours is too.
I am blessed,
my weekend is busy
with happy things.
A wedding shower,
dinner out,
family times,
hanging with fun friends, etc.
I am not worrying if
I have been harmed by radiation.
I am safe in my home
surrounded by the ones I love most.
I am not taking it for granted.
I am taking it with gratitude.
I am giving thanks to 
the One who loves me most.
I am glad He knows me.
 I am glad I know Him.
My prayer is that you do too. 
This life is short.
I am spending eternity with God.
He is available to all of us. 
Please, don't overlook His promises.
 Have a great weekend
and know that you are dearly loved.


  1. Janie, those beautiful faces reflect all that happiness and gratitude you hold within. Have a great weekend. Ann

  2. Hi there, i found your blog by googling pink laundry rooms, you have a cute home. Have a lovely weekend.
    I am a fan.

  3. I want a pink ruffled romper like Ollie has on. I think you should have one too.


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