Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picking and grinning

I have mentioned before I am a junker. 
Til death do we part.
I did the shows, had the shop,
attended weekly auctions.
I bought junk and fixed it up.
I re-invented things
before it was called upcycling.
I was country when 
country wasn't cool.
After years, I kept trading up
to better quality antiques.
I have a house full of good pieces.
Although, I still have a heart for a find.
Rough, unloved, left for the trash finds.
Baby, I swoon.
Now my girls have the bug.
The sickness continues.
They have a business...
Ethel Edith, named after my mom. 
Now, I just pick and stage.
They do the hard work.
Last night Stu and I 
were driving and he mentioned
he saw Stevie Do Da
(his nickname, not mine)
had his track hoe at an old house in town.
It seems he is tearing it down.
I asked if he checked with S.D.D. to see if 
there was anything inside.
He didn't.
I had a cow.
Maggie and Kylie are building a house.
They want old, salvaged stuff.
Doors, trim, whatever we run across.
To keep the peace he called Stevie.
Today we went to pick.
Demolition starts tomorrrow.
Sweet timing.

We went in and took off woodwork. 
We got doors.
We got shutters.
And a really cool, huge pocket door.

The kitchen had had a fire.
It was a mess inside the house.

But look at that trim.
We also scored a cabinet.

Those are all glass doors covered in soot.
Otherwise, it is in great shape.
Tomorrow we get the corbels of the roof.
It was a coup.
Now we are on his list to call 
when there are old goods.
Happy happy joy joy!

Ethel Edith has a show in my yard
on April 30th.
There will be other great vendors participating.
Plan your road trip folks!


  1. I am so glad you got that great pocket door! I wanted it :)

  2. They are tearing an old house down on south fourth street also. I noticed some old doors and such outside. You might drive by and take a look!

  3. How fun and wonderful all at once! So glad you made some fantastic scores! Ann

  4. too bad that pocket door is mine!

  5. Junking at its finest! I would love to go get the goodies from an old house. Can you believe some people don't *see* those things? Those OLD NEAT things!


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