Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My bestie

I am blessed. 
I am married to my best friend.
His name is Stuart.
I call him Stu, Stu-manchu,
and Honey.
He calls me Babe or Dolly- pop.
(Hey kids we need a new picture...this one is ancient)
He is my favorite one 
in the whole of the whole.
And believe me there are
a whole lot of ones I love, but
he is the best-est.
He is John Wayne,
John Candy, 
and John Travolta 
rolled into one.
Tough, and strong.
He would take you out for me.
 He can take a hit from a 700 lb. cow 
and walk it off. 
He has, more than once.
He is funny.
Really funny.
He is always laughing
and he loves to tease.
He and I 
have an on-going argument
of who is funnier.
It's me. 
Don't tell him 
I said it is a close call.
He is sweet and kind.
He isn't too proud to cry.
He loves babies.
He loves animals.
When he loses a calf
he is sad.
Not for the money he lost, 
but for the life that was lost.
I say he is like an M&M.
A hard shell, but soft inside.
He brings me ditch flowers,
for no reason.
And candy bars,
and coffees.
I gripe b/c of the calories.
Stuart works hard.
Farming, cattle, haying,
concrete, truck driving,
way too much to list.

He thinks I am oh so pretty.
Yeah, he needs glasses.
But even with them on, folks. 
He says I am
a burlap bag full of bobcats. 
 I know, crazy.
He is famous for getting
steel in his eyes.
The man can do anything,
build, weld, etc,
Well, not spell... remember.
Anyway, he gets steel in his eye
sometimes, when grinding metal.
Then after a day or so,
he has to go have the eye doc
dig it out. 
Ouch, really.
I have harped "wear safety goggles."
He used to, but with the reading glasses
he forgets to put them on. 
However, this evening
when he came into the house
 I cracked up.

New safety goggles.
Then he says silly things like
Safety first, it beats 430.
Someone he knew 
once got hit in the head
at a job site at 4:30 
and had to go to ER...
He has a ton of sayings...
some a little risque',
all are hilarious.
He is a great dad.
Our daughters are big fans 
of this man.
He is wise.
He is a mentor to their husbands.
He is a praying man
who loves Jesus.
He lives every day
trying to make the world
a better place.
He is honest.
He will tell you 
"how the hog ate the cabbage".
Even if it is a hard thing to do.
But, he does it kindly.
He will "chew their butt"
and give them a hug.
He is the first to give an "atta boy".
He is generous with
his time and his money.
He loves to love.
I have people tell me
all the time,
how much my husband loves me.
They say he brags about me 
and how they can see his love for me.
It is a little embarrassing
but it is also awesome.
He treats me like 
I am "better than sliced bread".
 He has been my sweetheart since I was 15.
We have been married for 30 years.
Every day gets better.
Who could ask for anything 
sweeter than that?
I done picked good, for sure.
P.S. I let him read this, and he was wiping his eyes.
Cool. I love him.


  1. You made me laugh and you made me cry! This is so sweet~ he is a good man and HE done picked good too! love you both!

  2. He is the best dad of all the dads. i'm very proud of him and fortunate to have you both as an example. zac reminds me of dad (cause of his love for babies, ability to cry, and excellent card writing) and each time he does it makes me glad i picked him.

  3. That's my cousin. :) You two were born to be together! :) Love.

  4. SO sweet! I feel the same way about my sweetie. I wish every married person could have what you describe here. By the way, your man is hunky!

  5. he sounds wonderful! you two belong together. isn't that the best gift in the world?! i seriously don't know what i would do without my honey.

  6. Can I have him when you're done? Please. Sounds like such a catch, and everything that you deserve! I can't wait to meet him. Please stop telling him things about me so I have somewhat of a chance with him. K? Thanks.

  7. he is the best. the very very very best. i'm so blessed to have wonderful parents like you two who have taught me the importance of a loving marriage. i picked a good one too. and dad has made a huge impact in kylie's life, now if he could only teach kylie to put "the fear of God" into people...we might have to bulk kylie up before that. haha...sorry kylie ;)

  8. You are both very lucky to have each other.

  9. How wonderful and sweet! You two are definitely made for each other and I will keep your secret about who's really funnier. What a nice tribute to an obviously much-loved-for-many-good-reasons husband. Ann

  10. This is so beautiful! I can feel the love!

  11. As I said before...you are blessed beyond measure.


    Susan from GA


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