Monday, March 7, 2011

Say what?

Dear Readers, er I mean
Yo Dawg, 
I feel young.
Word up.
Next month
I turn 52.
I am getting older.
Gray hairs?
Dur, under the bottled color.
Broken capillaries?
Most def.
Age spots?
  Fo' shizzle.
Nope, nevah.
Until today...
I now, have two.

Wrinkles and pimples. 
What up with that?

( Hey, guy in the red tracksuit -Boom!)
One of my faves, totally ridic!
No problem dude.


  1. oh mom, you are super random on this post. my favorite part is that you feel young, Perhaps it is because your catch phrases are from the early 2000's. I still think you are the bomb....maybe even the

  2. ha I know Abbie fo shizzle cracked me up. I felt a little like Snoop, but maybe that was my hair! I was channeling him from Dukes of Hazard! haha

  3. Woman, you always crack me up! This aging thing is not for cissies! My freckles are now age spots and my zits are now rosacea. My hair is totally grey because I got tired of the bottle routine. Thanks for making me laugh, helping me see the humor in this process of aging! :)

  4. The guy in the red track suit is my fav! And fo shizzle is said quite frequently up in here.


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