Friday, March 4, 2011


I am so happy.
Tomorrow is the start of 
my 3rd month of blogging.
I cannot believe how fast
these last 2 months have flown.
For being so hesitant to start
I cannot believe
how natural it feels.
I feel like I have to get 
my thoughts out or I will go crazy.
You readers say some the nicest things.
 You have no idea how much it means.
My heart flutters every time 
my phone dings after a post.
It is always a sweet message
and I am reassured once again,
that you "get" me.
I promise I won't celebrate
each month.
Pinky swear.
But honestly, I had to tell  you
just how great you have been.
Your support and comments
absolutely make my day.
I love my day jobs
wife, and mom, and grandma.
 Now I love this one too.
So thank you all
for making my blathering
so ever-loving fun!
Now for a few pictures
of sweet baby Ollie.
She is growing like a weed
and flourishing.
We are so blessed by her daily.
She goes to St. Louis
next Tuesday
for her consultations
with many doctors.
A cardiologist, DS doctor,
and more.
Keep praying!
God is so faithful.
She is in his hands
there is no better place than that!
My dad and Ollie, he is almost 92.
Don't you love the hat!
Mom and Dad, 
(she made him remove his hat-
They have been married
almost 70 years.
He listens to her!)
My brother-in-law David.
He loves babies!
He has twin grandsons 
and he is hands-on!
She is hard not to kiss!

Don't you love that hair!

 Oh, and when I got home 
from babysitting Caroline today
I found a surprise on the table 
from my friend Wendy.
I mentioned on yesterday's post
that pink tulips make me smile.
Cool, huh? 
Now I am off to dinner with my main squeeze.
I am telling you folks,
my cup runneth over!!


  1. ♥ you
    ♥ your Ollie
    ♥ your dad & mother
    ♥ your blog

  2. You rock my world, woman. Squeeze the main squeeze for me. Good ole Fart Blossom. Did he get the wax ring for the "shitter" put in? Love ya!

  3. I love you and your family!!! Every single darn one of you!!! Can't wait to do a whole family photo for you this summer!! Yep, all of you! Let's do it!!!!!!

  4. It cracks me up how Ollie is looking at your Dad's hat!! It looks like she is thinking "What are you wearing on your head Grandpa?!" She is such a sweet little doll!

  5. Mom and Dad were down today...and I showed them pictures from their visit with Ollie on Annie's blog and your blog. They loved all the comments. They loved your blog.

  6. Its a wonderful post....your parents look like they are in great health ....I am so thankful to have my parents still with me as well....the pictures are very nice...such a sweet wee one...she is truly are blessed indeed!

  7. I love grandpa's rocking hat! Miss Ollie just gets cuter and cuter everyday and she looks so happy to be with her great-grands. Will be thinking of her and her parents next week.

    Congrats on the 3 month mark! I think you should celebrate every month - we could make it a party. I have so enjoyed getting to know you.


  8. Janie, you are such a lovely person, and I'm so glad that I've met you through Annie's blog.. You and your family are the bestest! I ♥ you all that's for sure!! Love these pictures of baby Ollie!! She's such a lil sweetheart!! I love seeing all her cute expressions! I have and will continue to keep Ollie, Annie, Jade and all of their sweet and loving family in my thoughts and prayers..

    Your father's hat reminds me alot of the one my dad always would wear during the wintertime... Kinda neat! That is such a wonderful picture of your Mom and Dad and Ollie.. Have you taken a 4 family generation picture yet that has your parents, you, Annie and baby Ollie in it? That would also be so neat for one to have and see!

    You have a wonderful day my dear friend and weekend too!

    Congratulations on your 3 month blog anniversary!! You're doing such a wonderful job with it!! I just knew you would love having one!!

  9. so glad you started blogging ....your words always make me smile :) i have been blogging for almost a year now and it is amazing how much joy you can get from writing and then even more joy from reading everyone's sweet comments that you may have never 'met'! hope you continue for a long , long time! and the pics of ollie with your sweet :)

  10. I'm so glad you love blogging because I love to read you! And that little Ollie is adorable.

  11. How do your commenters make that little heart??? need to know! Ollie's chubby cheeks and little chin cracks me up every time...just got home from my mom and dad's house...they are 84 and 80...hope they make it as old as yours...

  12. I'm so glad your cup is running over, Janie! You have so many blessings and it's wonderful to see that you truly enjoy them and don't take any of them for granted.
    p.s. Ollie's hair is the best! Love me some fluffy baby hair.


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