Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Picture this.

I thought I would give you an update
on the condition my lip condition is in.
Alas, I am too inept to get a picture.
I cannot figure how to turn the flash off.
When I take a picture
close enough to show my lip,
there is a huge white spot from the flash.
Dang the bad luck.
I know you would want to see it.
It is a sight to behold.
Actually, most people 
probably would not notice.
I have a large bruise on  my lip.
However, it is more on the inside
than the outside.
I try not to walk around 
with my lips
turned out this way.
I have a cut on both sides from my tooth 
so now I have the makings of a scab.
Unfortunately, eating was not a problem.
Consumption was not hindered in the least.
Although, while I was desperately trying
to photograph myself I saw something
I thought I would share.
I am a collector.
You know I had the antique shop blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, I collect things
some would say are weird, quirky.
I say most awesome stuff.
I have a small stash 
that has gone to pot, so to say.
Little stools from doll houses,
the clear glass one is a perfume bottle... 
what was that scent?
A couple are ashtrays,
the big pink one holds your smokes and your ashes,
and the keychain is too cute.

It takes up residence in my bath
in an old cabinet
with open shelves.
Funny story about stools...

Now Stuart is smart,
a jack of all trades,
but the boy cannot spell
to save his life.
Side note,
has anyone ever had to spell
to save a life?
Why would that be used 
to prevent death?
Moving on...
When we were building our addition
we had an supply list on the counter
for our trip to Menard's.
He had written on the list...
wax ring, toliet, and other stuff.
I laughed and being 
the kind and ever considerate wife
said, "that is not how you spell toilet,
 you spell it  t -o-i-l-e-t.
He didn't respond.
I left the room to finish getting ready.
As we were on the way to Menard's
I see he has changed the list. 
It now read wax ring, toliet shitter.
 He always makes me laugh!


  1. For the record...Mags and I laughed hard at this.

  2. Oh, this is flat out hilarious!

  3. I have heard that story before and it is a good one. Now the only problem is gonna be when you and dad have another "I'M the funny one" debate ;)

  4. That is one my fav collections of yours Janie! It has inspired me to one day have tiny toliets on my toliet. :)

  5. Oh my Janie..he can spell..just certain words!!!..lol..my hubby is the same...he is so smart..so wired for everything...math, electrical..plumbing everything that I am not...but he has a hard time spelling...luckily I can help him with that..lol..going to double check my spelling on this comment! Those two cream colored toliets..er I mean sh..er look like they would be perfect for a vintage travel trailer....my specialty..fun post!

  6. Now you see, you MUST come visit bloggie bud (or better yet I'll come for a tour of your commode collection and super cute home)... My farmer would've done EXACTLY the same! So you'd fit right in. And hopefully not be quite as horrified as some visitors.

  7. I would love to see the "I'm funnier debate". Will you please tape it and post it on your blog sometime? Too funny. Ann

  8. Totally stu! I laughed till I cried :)

  9. I literally laughed out loud at this post, and also shared it with my hubby who is a very smart man, but a horrible speller.


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