Sunday, March 6, 2011


I had a nice weekend.
Saturday morning, I woke bright and early
to a cold, rainy day. 
I met up with 2 of my best buds 
at 7 in the a.m.
and we headed out
for a day of antiquing.
There were 
3 juried antique shows
in our area.
Three!!... that is a lot.
There was excellent merchandise.
One of the shows was equivalent
to Nashville's Heart of Country.
Super cool stuff, and super pricey too.
It focused on early primitives.
It was stuff you don't see often.
I sold primitive furniture
when I had my shop.
I like a more eclectic mix
in my accessories.
Smalls, is what we as dealers, called them.
I prefer a mix
of vintage and antique
for my smalls.
A little farm, a little grandma,
and a whole lotta primitive.
I love when something was 
so favorite and loved
that it was well-used.
Pristine is not for me.
The other two shows had more variety.
Both my friends have been dealers too,
so we have an abundance.
We each collect, and
we each have traded up 
over the years 
to better quality stuff.
Older and more rare stuff.
We don't need much.
If it makes our heart flutter,
and then we know it is ours.
We each found a bit.
I picked up 2 hooked rugs

 I collect hooked rugs.
I use them on tables,
the floor, or on walls.
I change them with the seasons.
This one was so colorful,
it called my name.
 The dog one was perfect
for one of the guest rooms.
I have a vintage dog collection.
It is on the wall for now,
but I am not sure it is staying there. 

I also found a sign for 
my farmer's bathroom.
He has cattle and
is frequently
building or repairing fences.

He said "I wish steel posts were $1.38"
I guess they are about $6 now. 

I picked up a "Spring Chick".
I attached her a wreath I already owned.
I am not much of a craft buyer,
but she was too funny.
She has my body!

I hugged and visited 
with some old friends.
I miss doing the antique shows.
The work to shop, 
fix and clean merchandise
for a new load each month
was so time consuming.
I couldn't do that
and keep my grand kids.

I made the right choice.
I miss the people though.
The other dealers became friends.
I wish I would have had more time
to visit and catch up.
I wasn't melancholy
about not having a booth
when I thought about
loading it all up in the cold rain 
at the end of the day.
I got a hot coffee, drove home,
and went to dinner with family.
Silver linings baby, for sure!



  1. THAT's why you like me so much! I'm all beat up and worn out! Ha! Love your finds. LOVE the flower rug. Sounds like you had a super day. Those Ollie pics made me crazy. (From yesterday's post) Cute as a button!

  2. Love that sweet puppy rug....great finds...blessings on your week...Shelley

  3. So glad you had a good weekend. Every time you quote my cousin I hear his voice in my head, LOL.

    Sending healthy thoughts and prayers for Miss Ollie on Tuesday.

    Love. :)

  4. Now that would be MY kind of day....Your "new" rugs are great!

    I understand your last paragraph...My husband is no longer a camp director. I miss camp terribly sometimes, but when we think of the 24/7 work it was, we're pretty thankful to put our feet up at 7:00-8:00 in the evenings and not worry about who got locked out of a room, whether or not the furnace is on in the winter, and getting out before everyone's up in the morning to get snow shoveled (and the list goes on).

  5. Sounds like a fun day. Have you ever visited Third Market Sunday...I think it's called in Bloomington?? I went there a few years back and it was wonderful.


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