Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet talker

I am a talker.
I try to be nice.
Sometimes I fail.
I wish I could say I never
teased aybody when I was a kid.
I did though.
I regret it too.
Words have such power.
Words shouldn't be used as weapons.
But, I have done it.
Sometimes, I still do.
I don't like it
and I work on it.
Gossip isn't really my thing.
I despise it.
I don't work except for 
keeping grandkids
and they don't have much dirt to spread.
Maybe that is why it is not
something I have to fight against.
I am sure though
that I  have gossiped.
Again, I am not proud of the fact.
However, if I get a laugh
I may overuse sarcasm.
It is something I try to keep in check.
Although, I fail at times.
Do any of you have a mouth problem?
Here is a prayer,
I keep on my cabinet door.

It reads,
Father, Please help me to be sensitive to the feelings of others. Remind me not to be critical, and let me say words that heal and build up instead of saying words that destroy and tear down.

I also have a sampler
I stitched a fews years ago that
has one of my favorite scriptures.
I t reminds me of the way I want to act.

Reckless words pierce like a sword
but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
Proverbs 12:18
It is my hope that I bear good fruit.
I want to be a good disciple.
I can't do that with a hurtful tongue.
But, I can with God's help.
I can do all things through Jesus Christ.
(Phil 4:13)
I encourage you to join me.
Let's go out and spread the love baby
and do it with our words!


  1. A very true are so right,there is death and life in the words we speak...I pray that simple prayer along with you....thanks so much for sharing it the stitching you did.... blessings

  2. I used to say things just to hear myself talk, I think...or thought I was the expert or something. I don't do it anymore...and I like myself a lot better for it. I don't even give an opinion or advice unless someone asks for it...most times silence is golden..

  3. I do sometimes say things without thinking first and that can have some not-so-nice consequences. I find as I get older, I tend to say things more impulsively (hope this isn't a sign I'm going around the bend early), but I like to think also that I am not as shy and reserved as I used to be and can start conversations with strangers more easily now. A kind word can turn someone's day totally around. Sometimes that's all it takes - so I try to remember that. Ann

  4. This has been something God has been changing in me for a LONG time. I never thought I could get control of my tongue...and while I'm not perfect at it, God has for sure made a change in me.

  5. Such a timely post for me. Our church is in the trenches. Our pastor just left. I really work at avoiding gossip. it's not easy when times are hard. Love the verses and the stitchery. Thanks for the gentle reminder. :)

  6. Love this. Just read the book of James this morning and it talks a lot about controlling your tongue...check out James 3:1-12. Enjoy reading your posts! :-) Thought it was interesting that I've had so many reminders on this subject today! ;-)

  7. I am posting that Proverbs quote in my house ASAP.


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