Saturday, March 12, 2011

His plan

Life is busy.
It seems like the faster we go 
the faster it goes. 
My list grows longer 
with each warmer day.
Wash windows,
deep clean,
clean porches,
rake flower beds,
and on and on.
This weekend the weather is mild.
However, my yard is a spongy mess.
Maybe next weekend, I can work in the yard.
Today was a good day,
Mom and Dad came to see the baby.
(makes me glad I got those Target headbands cheap)
 Ev was off on an adventure and 
Caroline was with her other Gtandma.
We had a nice time
and we partook of 
the I Love Lucy
marathon on Hallmark.
It thrilled us all.
My mom laughed at the shows
until she cried.
She and Dad sat on the loveseat
and held hands.
It felt good to see them
laughing together.
All the while holding
a sweet baby girl.
A gratuitous shot of Caroline
with the rabbit ears on Friday.
I couldn't convince Everett to wear any.

Today was not the day I planned.
 I didn't get yard work done.
I didn't get woodwork washed.
In the bigger, better picture
I did, however 
make  crafts with Aubrie.
I hung with Jackie,
Mom and Dad.
We  made memories.
Blessed, we are!!
I sang this song 
all  the way home.

Next time, your plans are foiled
look at it for the blessing it can be.


  1. Sometimes the best days are the ones that turn out completely different from what we plan. :) I'm glad this one was so happy!

  2. Love Francesca B. Love gratitude posts. Sounds like a wonderFULL weekend:)

  3. I love those sort of days. It takes a lot of work to get over the "guilty" feeling of not getting things done, but really? where does that guilt come from! What is more important anyway? Good for you!

  4. I am new around here, but I will be back. Have a wonderful Sunday. :)


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