Thursday, March 10, 2011


Baby Ollie is one month old today.
One month!
Time does fly 
when you are having fun.
I am including a
She pretty much sums all 
I could or want to say.
God has blessed us.
We are ever so grateful
for this little bundle.
God knew he had a baby
that would be perfect for us.
That baby is Ollie Faith.
Truly a gift from heaven.



  1. Can't believe it's a month already!

  2. The month flew by...look at the changes in her! She's amazing, and so is her Grandma! Love.

  3. We are about to find out the gender of our little baby (due in August) and if it's a girl, the name I picked out was Ollie Faith--so I thought I would google it and found another baby with the same name! My great grandmother's name was Ollie so that's where I got the idea-she looks beautiful!


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