Sunday, March 13, 2011

Celebrity crushes.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
A while back my friend,
and one of my fave bloggers Shannan
did a post about her top 6 crushes.
Then Annie followed suit.
I wrote my list in the comments 
of Shannan's blog.
I gave no explanation
just my list.
I have been ridiculed
by daughter Annie and son-in-law Jade
for my list.
 Rotten children I have.
I will let you be the judge.
Remember, you like me.
I am older than both these girls.
Lots older.
I am not a cradle robber. 
Most are not too young.
I have revised my list though
since I have had more time to 
ponder upon the subject.
Annie's list was all about the pretty.
I am MUCH deeper than that.
First up,
  the one who my kids laugh hysterically over.

#1. Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock.

Let me just say
not the WWE character, The Rock
but the actor.
 How can you think 
that smile and face 
is not good?
Not to mention he 
has the body too...
(you're welcome.)
Shuttie Annie!

 #2. Alec Baldwin

He is cute, funny,
and age appropriate.
I don't think 
I need to defend this choice.
I have forgiven the phone rant to his ex.

He has redeemed himself to me.

Plus I like a hunky, bigger man.

Remember him...

Stuart the husband

 #3. Blair Underwood

  He is pretty. Period.
'nuf said. 

#4. Jon Hamm

Funny on 30 Rock and SNL
and on Mad Men...
Oh Don Draper,
you are a cad
but easy on my eyes!

# 5, Steve Martin 

I have loved him since SNL,
The Jerk, 
(remember, " I'm picking out a thermos for you?")
Planes, Trains and Automobiles( my fave movie)
and still today.

My friend Shannan asked me,
and in case you were wondering...
I was rooting for Alec in 
It's Complicated.
They had a history and kids.
But I loved Steve Martin too.

#6. John Travolta

 Cute and a family man.
Except for the weird Scientolgy stuff.
Creeped me as a woman in Hairspray but-
I loved him as a bad a$$ in 
From Paris With Love.

Not too shabby.
Right, mmmhmm?

Then a few honorable mentions
because they were close in the cut,

Tom Hanks

I  loved him since Bosom Buddies,
Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail,
and still today he is endearing as all get out.

He, as Woody...
Who doesn't love Woody??

Hugh Grant

 Need I explain?
I obviously like a funny guy.
However, Hugh is a little
on the skinny side
in my opinion.
But, he makes me laugh
and I like humorous cuties.

And last but not least,
one of my all time favorites
Dean Martin.
R.I.P. my dear favorite songbird.

That's the sum of it.
If you see Annie
smack her for me 
and inform her 
that DJ, aka The Rock
is indeed "list worthy".
Silly girl.


  1. I agree with many, MANY of your choices. I'm sure I could add to it, if I hadn't just got out of bed...and my brain was working. Maybe I should do a post similar..

    Happy Monday, new friend. Ugh. :)

  2. I had a dream about the Rock a few years back. He definitely moved to my list after that:0 I like Ashton Kutcher, Josh Duhamel, McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy...I'm sure I'm missing some.

  3. Janie, I recently discovered your blog,I can't remember just how, and I don't routinely comment on the blogs I enjoy reading, but I have to say that I would agree with you on your choice of the Rock...I think he has a great smile, too and seems in great shape, goes without saying...I do enjoy reading what you share and wanted you to know...I relate somewhat and I am mid 50's in years of age. Have a great week!

  4. i threw up in my mouth a little bit when you called the ROCK...DJ. i hate initials, as you know.

  5. Here is my top 5:

    1) Andy Garcia...a smooth latin drink of water.

    2) Andy Garcia...who can also pretend to be a smooth italian drink of water. Godfather III. He can help me make gnocchi in my kitchen anytime.

    3) Andy Garcia...who I would willingly become an alcoholic and join AA for just so he could rescue me.

    3) Andy Garcia...who I would gladly convert to Catholicism for and even go to confession.

    4) Andy Garcia...Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and're welcome.

    5) Andy Garcia...I would like to thank the academy, Senor and Senora Garcia and Cuba.

    (the Heiserman for Maggie's sake)


  6. Great choices! Young kids just don't appreciate the older guys! ha ha! Add a few more...Sean Connery...Mel Gibson...Wentworth Miller..Can I say Dominic Percell, ummm ummm ummm

  7. love john travolta...such a family man :) and tom hanks, especially since woody! also love kevin costner...he is a manly man :) oh and mcdreamy! he reminds me of my jeffrey :)

  8. My husband will say to me, "Your man is on tv" when The Rock is coming on in a movie. OMsweetjesus...YES!


    Susan from GA

  9. could I forget...Tom Magnum P.I. and every.single.role.since.

    Susan from GA


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