Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, so good to me.

I love Sundays.
Church. lunch. kids.
Today the gang showed up.
I am blessed to have 
a helpful group.
We raked and burned,
trimmed and burned,
raked more,
 burned more. 
The place is looking better.
There is more to do. 
Everyone is coming next weekend
to help and have a wiener roast.
The girls are having their
Ethel Edith show here in later April, 
so Dad shamed them into helping.
He is awesome like that!
It would have taken me 
so much longer.
Every year I have a list 
longer than my arm.
Maggie busted out some "hot" maternity wear
just for the occasion.
We were all jealous.
The littles played and played.
Aubrie hunted birds,
climbed trees and dug worms.
Caroline had a blast. 
They took a gator ride.

Everett showed up late for the party.
I didn't get pictures of him, or Zac, 
or Stu, or me.
Wanna book me for a wedding?
It would be epic,
unless you actually
wanted pictures of the event.
The girls worked on some furniture
while the guys put up railing
on  my porch.
I held Ollie and wrangled the small people.
 They went home happy and filthy.
Funny story of the day:
While we were tearing out 
an old fence,
we encountered a clematis
that I wanted ripped out.
Stu called it a clematic.
The kids were razzing him
until I told my story.
My mom mixes up words- a.lot.
Her real name is Ethel Edith,
but everyone calls her Toots.
So we call these crazy words...
It is funny - and  hereditary
I am beginning to realize.
Remember my roll call?
I told about the time
I called my mom
and inquired "whatcha been doin?"
She said 
"Oh I have been in the yard planting clitoris."
Er, ok. I think you mean clematis.
So you see I'll take 
the term clematic any day.
Hope you had a great day too.


  1. I'm laughing so hard I can't see to comment....ohhhh mmmmyyyyy goshhhh - I shall now call my clematis that from now on. Girl - I thought you were all a frenzied getting ready for MY visit - hhmmmppph.

  2. oh no that's NOT a good mix up!!! too funny:) seeing you with your sweet brood makes me really miss mine a LOT. coming home on friday. can't wait!

  3. this totally cracks me up! rolling laughing! you guys are nuts! glad you had a fun day!

  4. I can't wait to come to the Ethel Edith shindig! I shall be there. I will view your Clemantic at that time. :)

  5. LOLOL! Your whole family rocks! Have a great week...

    Hugs, new friend. :)

  6. I'll never look at a clematis the same way again! (And I hope I haven't "planted" this new name in my mind to the extent that it comes out when I'm talking about my plant the next time!)

    I'm glad you chronicled your day. It looks like SUCH fun!

  7. Okay, I thought nothing could top the hot maternity wear....and then I got to the end. I will never look at a clematis the same way again.

  8. I once told my parish priest that his clamidia was coming in so pretty ! He just looked at me reallllly weird !

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Spring fling !


  9. too funny! reminds me of my day we were all out to eat and the waiter asked her what kind of potato she wanted with her meal. she paused and said ' idaho i guess!' you have to just be prepared for what she might say wherever you take her :)

  10. I love that you have a sweet Caroline too! My baby is 21 months old. :)

  11. tell Maggie I said sweet carpenters. John's got a bday coming up, where did she get em???



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