Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sweet Caroline

Today was a Caroline day.
Now that Annie is off on maternity leave
she is home with Aubrie, Everett, and Ollie.
I still go there on Fridays.
I keep Caroline there
and we play together.
But Thursdays 
Caroline comes to Grandma Janie's.
It's all aboout her on these days.
She is at a very fun age.
She is 19 mos old.
She is learning to talk.
She likes to call Daddy.
It's all about Daddy for this girl.

We played this morning 
then we headed to Pana 
to my daughter, Abbie's office.
We planned lunch out and then
adjustment appointments.
Abbie has adjusted Caroline 
since she was a newborn.
It is the cutest thing to see.
You say "Caroline you want 
Abbie to adjust you ?"
and she is running for the table.
She lays there like it is heaven.

 Abbie calls her Bean.
It started with the book that 
shows the size of the fetus.
 Caroline has been Bean 
since she was the size of a bean.
 On the way home she napped.
It is only about a half hour drive 
I got gas and washed my vehicle
to prolong her rest.
Good thing because as soon as I 
unhooked the carseat
she was ready to go again.
Besides Daddy, she love kitties.
She carries them around singing to them.
She rocks them and kisses them.
She sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
but she can only say the "up above" part.
The rest is jibberish.
Kitty doesn't care.

So sweet.
She loves books too.
Today she found one in my stash
that plays music.
She was obsessed with it.
It reads 
If you weren't my little girl 
there'd be a big hole in my heart
A piece would be gone
I just couldn't go on.
My heart would be searching for you. 

There is the sad Daddy and kitty element to it.

It goes on to say 
God gave you to me You're special you see
There's no hole in my heart,
You filled up that part.
I showed her the happy family.

She didn't care about the ending.
We had to read the sad page over and over
and  o.v.e.r.
She got a fat lip and said hole heart.
I  swear she had tunnel vision.
Finally we had to watch a video
to get her over it.
This did the trick.
It will do it for you.
It just plain makes me happy too.
I need to know where they sell
these jumpsuits,
because I gotsta get one.

Don't tell me you weren't shaking a leg...
because we were!
Practice folks!
We can have our very own
Flash mob!!



  1. my goodness, caroline is more beautiful everyday.

  2. Hey, let's do that Flash mob thing! I think it looks terrific. And Caroline, you are so lucky to have an auntie who does those adjustments and that you get to sleep afterwards. I have to drive myself back after being adjusted and I always can't wait to just lie down for a bit! Sweet Caroline, indeed. Ann

  3. She is a doll! And that photo of her being adjusted is hilarious!

  4. What a great way to spend Thursdays! And I gotsta get one of those jumpsuits, too, Janie

    WherEVER DID you come up with that great video???

  5. oh my gosh - that pic of her layed out on the table is hysterical. She is absolutely adorable!! How can you not smash her to bits!? Is this what my day is going to be like when I visit - I'll be disappointed now if it isn't.

  6. Good ness me! Too much cuteness and giggles every time I visit. She's precious!
    Now for the dance... Ahem. This is a favorite of Sarah's. And yup, that's about what I'd look like in a leotard, minus the rockin long wig. I enjoy this most after a glass of wine, if I don't spit it out while I laugh!

  7. ok, the pictures of her getting adjusted are the cutest things i have ever seen! she knows exactly what to do, haha. Caroline is such a beautiful little girl!


  8. this sounds like a blast! what a doll! Love the adjustment pics...totally cracked me up how she is just laying there like an adult! too cute!

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed my little video. I guess it's just proof positive what the power of alocholic inebriation and the dream of being a rockstar/cowgirl/gogo dancer can do in a life. I'm pretty sure that only a bullfrog on crack could even come close to rocking those sweet moves in a gold glitter, fringed, and belted jumpsuit like I did. You're welcome America.
    Ps. you should've seen the long version. I totally did the moon walk...backwards and forwards. If you really wanna participate i'm sure we can convince Esther to hook you up w/your own jumpsuit. We'll have to do it at your house though...everytime I get out my jumpsuit John flips out and screams "for the love of God NO woman!" You've met John right, killer of my rockstar/teen idol dreams and aspirations.

  10. Oh she's so cute !!!!! Looks like a "big girl" these days - all ready to be a big sister !!!! What a wonderful Thursday !


  11. what a sweetheart inside and out! her little body on that chiropractic table was just adorable!!

  12. That was SOME video! Yes, I must concur, the jumpsuit is to die for. GLitter hands, glitter hands, razzle dazzle!

    Your Caroline is beautiful. With a capital B.

    Thanks for the entertainment. Happy Sunday. :)


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