Thursday, March 24, 2011

Complaint Dept.

I fear I might be a complainer.
Awful, I  know.
Have you tried to go 
just one day without griping?
It is remarkably difficult.
I try to have a positive attitude.
I strive to be kind 
in my actions and words.
But petty complaints...
I am all over them.
The alarm goes off,
I say" I hate that alarm."
I get out of bed
" Gosh my feet are so stiff."
I descend the stairs grumbling
"I have so much to do today."
You recognize me?
I am a pocket full of sunshine.
Yes indeedy.
I am blessed.
I am grateful for my life.
I started reading this book
a few months ago. 
I read a bit and then lay it down.
Over and over.
I am 3/4 done but
I have yet to finish it.
The author has tons of adoring fans.
She encourages a lifestyle of thankfulness.
People love this book.
This book invites you to be grateful.
The author keeps a journal of thankfulness.

I have my thankfulness journal.
I have many posts in said journal.
#5. Bloggers who entertain me.
 #30. My niece, Ellen who lives by my mom and dad and is readily willing to help them.
#23. clean floors
#62. A safe home.
#73. Babies' kisses.
That's the gist of it.
I love the premise of the book.
The book itself, not so much.
It is not the content
but the writing style.
It is not the kind of writing I enjoy.
It's abstract. 
Read it with a thesaurasus in your hand.
I speak with a 4th grade vocabulary
but I actually have a fairly good
knowledge of vocabulary.
This hard-back is wordy.
With a capital W.
Really wordy. 
Seriously, 2 pages
devoted to describing the 
beauty in a soap bubble.
I get it. 
Girl, you are wasting ink.
Just say it already.
Blah, blah, blah.
Well, see there I go.
I am at it again.
Gripe, gripe and belly-aching.
Someone kick me in my heinie!
I am a mess.
I need to check myself 
before I wreck myself.
Truly, I am abundantly blessed.
The Lord has given me
far more than I desereve.
 I will continue to give Him praise.
I will continue to add to 
my thankfulness journal.
I probably will not 
continue to read the book.
It annoys me.
Clearly I cannot be annoyed
or I complain.


  1. Oh. No. I should have waited ONE MORE DAY before pressing "send" on Amazon for this book. I have big issues with writing styles.

  2. I love the idea of a thankfulness journal! I even started one. Did I ever get past the 2nd page? Nope.

    Now I gotta put on my church librarian hat. Regularly I tell my ladies if their not enjoying a book set it aside! I read to relax or escape or even to learn. If I'm not enjoying it, I'm not reading it. Period. Donate that puppy and find something else to read. :)

  3. I enjoyed your post here. It was thoughtful and I enjoyed what you wrote. Thanks for sharing.

  4. you are hilarious!
    I have the same problem, I think we both see the funny in everything, and sometimes funny translates into tongue and cheek and sometimes that morphs into complaining.
    I have a hard time being SERIOUS. But when I'm serious, I'm SERIOUS.

  5. p.s. I haven't finished it either. I keep having to re read things. I highlight them and then, I need to re read it.
    there's a lot to chew on in there.

  6. I couldn't agree more! I got the free sample on my Kindle and I just struggle with her writing style. I think I would love her and everything she stands for, but I just need more plain speak. I think it is more than her vocabulary but also the order in which she writes her words. Makes me feel like I have a disorder of some sort and I am an avid reader! Oh, Janie, I know if we were neighbors I would stalk you until you became my BFF!

  7. Ok. I will be sure not to add that to my wish list. I am a semi-reformed complainer. I try to keep it under control. My mother was a top-notch Negative Nellie Super Complainer and being around that too long could bring the sun-shiniest person down. So. I don't want to be a super-bunch like her. Also? Isn't it impressive how many hyphens I used in one comment? It's only 8:16 and I already feel like I accomplished something.

  8. Love the thankfulness journal. And I love that once doesn't need the book to complete the journal! Keep at it. :)

    Have a blessed Friday.

  9. i, too, complain more than i would like to admit ;) but thankfully my jeffrey has rubbed off on me ....the man NEVER complains! i try to remind myself that a dirty floor, loads of laundry piled up and an addition moving slowly are nothing compared to the real problems that others face. and i won't be ordering the book ;) but i think the jouornal is a great idea :)

  10. This post reminds me of me...unfortunately! I try to be a breath of fresh air but gosh it is so hard...I know one thing for is too short to keep reading a book you don't like...

  11. Hahaha. I love that you admitted you didn't like the book after reading 3/4 of it. I'm the type that once I start I feel guilty if I don't finish, but from time to time I can't stand it and have to put it away.

    My grateful thought of the day: I am grateful for your honesty . Ann

  12. I'm just like you only different. I'm sunshine all the time. I'm probably the most positive and possibly nicest person I know. I rarely complain, in fact I ONLY complain when I'm hungry, angry, tired, cold, hot, achy, grouchy, sneezy, stressed out, frustrated or annoyed....wait a minute. I blame John Heiserman :(
    this comment does not reflect the opinion of the blogger. It is in all honesty a whole lot of crapola b/c the commenter is a total whiny butt and knows it and her comment was totally sarcastic. God bless america

  13. I always appreciate people that have thankfulness journals~I always say I am going. And I want to check that book out too!

  14. I've heard others "complain" about the writing style of "said book". I like YOUR style - that's for sure!

  15. Yup. I am bogged down in her writing style. The content is great, but the book reads like an 'amplified version'. Presently, my most enjoyed writing style is Dr. Seuss, so the problem just may be with me.

    I AM thankful for my house
    I'm NOT thankful for that mouse
    I could SO be thankful in a train
    But NOT with a migraine in my brain
    Being thankful is NOT a chore
    Lest TOO many things one does abhore
    With SOMEWHAT murky clarity
    I'm striving on TOWARDS charity.


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