Monday, March 28, 2011

Ollie update

Baby girl is chubbing up!
She weighed in at 9lbs. 2 oz.
The fortified formula
that is added to the breast milk
is working!
The doctor hopes for 6 oz. 
to be gained weekly
and she is doing that.
He said today
that he sees no sign of
heart failure yet.
Surgery weight is to be around 11 lbs.
He estimates June still.
I am dreading it,
but I am also ready to 
have her healthy.

Keep praying...
our prayers are being answered!


  1. oh please tell me I'll be seein' that baby when I'm there.

  2. How absolutely wonderful! Yay Ollie and her hardworking mama, Annie. This is so good to hear. Good news Janie. Isn't always the best?! Ann

  3. Awesome! That is such great news...I can understand the mixture of emotions!

  4. she is precious. What great news, and LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!

  5. Oh, that face! I could just kiss on those chubby cheeks all day! ;o)

    So happy to hear she is gaining!



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