Sunday, March 27, 2011

blah blah blahg

Long, boring post ahead.
It was a good day.
The sun was out
so it was warm in the sun.
Remember my playhouse
that Stuart built me for Christmas.

Today her foundation was poured.
Soon she will make the move
to the back yard.

It pays to have several irons in the fire.
You can pour concrete on a Sunday.
Jade helped along with Stu,
and his big brother Doug.
It took ten minutes, seriously.

They really can do anything.
The dogs were on hand to watch.

  the girls, Reta and Stella

Aubrie and Everett came for the day.
Aub has a cold.
She is being kept away from Ollie.
Abbie and Zac were blisters.
They showed up after the work was done.
Well they did help trim some trees.
They were paid with popcorn.

Aubrie babysat these all day.

She was convinced
she could hatch them.
Everett took a nap with his
to keep it warm.
Aubrie rocked hers to sleep.

She said she was keeping
them safe from "creditors".
Apparently, they don't pay their bills.
Well, maybe she meant predators.
Aubrie is spending the night
in hopes that no one
will catch her cold.
Ev was bummed he had to go home.
However, tomorrow
I will be keeping Caroline,
Aubrie and Everett.
Come to think of it...
our plan doesn't really make much sense.
That's Sunday.
We are fascinating rock stars.


  1. Creditors....teeheeheehee

    I love kids. They are so damned funny. Happy Monday. :)

  2. oh, those dang creditors...ya gotta watch out for 'em!

  3. We've got creditors in IN, too! They CAN be stinkers!

  4. Well, I'm a big fan of your family (and that caute house). You ROCK! It's so much fun to come visit and see what you have to show and TELL! Love every post!


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