Thursday, March 31, 2011

Morals and jumbo packs of paper towels.

I love The Waltons...still.

The television show, not the 
super store Walmart Waltons.
However, I did love Sam Walton.
When he started Walmart 
they stocked only
products made in the USA.
When one opened close to our rural area
I was thrilled.
No more going to a slew of 
different stores 
to get what I needed.
My life simplified.
One-stop shopping.
I was in love.
I swear when Sam Walton died
I considered wearing a black arm band.
I digress, obviously.
Back to the mountain folks.
I have loved them 
since they hit the air waves.
I used to make Stuart watch 
it in high school.
He did but with disdain.
He couldn't take John-boy.
The face mole bugged him.
I adored the whole cast.
Grumpy Grandma,
ornery Grandpa,
devout Ma, hard-working Pa,
and all the rascally kids.
They were poor.
They didn't have much money
but they did have an abundance
of love for each other.
They owned their own mountain
and ran a lumber  mill.
They faced hard times,
but through it all
they worked as a family.
And their house...
Oh, how I love their house.
I practically re-created the kitchen
when we built our addition.
I love the cabinets,
the big farm table,
the farm-y dishes and pans.
The porch makes me swoon.
Add in the chintz furniture 
in the living room,
and I am in heaven.
 Every episode has a moral.
It is family friendly.
It is decent and good television.
I watch re-runs on Hallmark.
It makes me happy.
Television shows today could learn 
a few pointers from this show. 
It thoroughly entertains
without even one swear word 
or gratuitous sex scene.
No nefarious subject matter present.
If you were too young to watch
or didn't watch it back then,
check it out.
It delivers, I promise.
You can thank me later.
Goodnight John-Boy, 
goodnight MaryEllen,
goodnight Erin, 
goodnight Jason, 
goodnight Ben,
goodnight Jim-Bob,
goodnight Elizabeth.
Goodnight moon.
Ha! I was just seeing if 
you are still paying attention.
Goodnight all.
P.S. They sell the series DVD at Walmart!


  1. I love the Walton's! Blake and I used to pretend to BE them every night at bedtime. I played all the girl's and Blake would play along for @ least 2 of the boys' goodnights. I remember being heartbroken when Grandma had her stroke and then Grandpa died. When Olivia headed to the assylum in Arizona it almost sunk me. Walton Marathon Viewing Party? Why yes America I believe I will! P.S. John Boy makes me throw up in my mouth, but other than that we are good.

  2. P.S.S. I seriously made Meredith and Blake refer to me as Micah Jamie Walton...the youngest Walton of course for like 6 months. Then the jerkwads kept doing it for all eternity after the Waltons weren't popular....I guess you could say I was country when country wasn't cool.

  3. I love the Waltons !! Glad to know it isn't just me :).

    Oh and I would LOVE to have the house.

  4. I agree with you about the house, Janie (AND the beauty of the entire show)....AND WalMart.

  5. You know I'm with ya. But I didn't know Walmart carried the dvds. THANKS! We ordered them off Amazon for Christmas and the whole family loves to watch together. No wonder I adore your kitchen!

  6. so funny...i remember when i was little wishing our family would all say goodnight like they did! ans i WAS paying attention, goodnight moon ;)

  7. Yep - complete agreement here. And that thing on John Boys face bugged every male I ever knew. WTHeck? Men are just weird sometimes.

    Happy Saturday. :)


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