Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Superstitious writings on the wall.

As I was working around home 
I was listening to a little Stevie Wonder.
"Superstitious" got me thinking...
I am not superstitious.
I was with a friend recently
who had a conniption fit 
when I walked under a ladder.
I was incredulous.
Bad luck?
I told her 
I would walk under a ladder
chasing a black cat
while breaking a mirror.
I grew up with all the popular ones.
We heard toads cause warts,
a nose itching means company's coming,
palm itching- there's money coming your way,
a cat has 9 lives... etc.
My mom once told me
as I was sitting on the ground
a few weeks after giving birth
that if I didn't get up
I would catch a cold in my ovaries.
Seriously, she believed it.
I got up.
I mean who wants that ailment?
Where exactly do you apply
Vicks for that?
I mean we rub it on our throats,
chests, and feet around here 
when  a head cold ensues.
I really am not superstitious.
Unless you count
wishing on a fallen star,
throwing a pinch of salt over your shoulder
when you spill salt,
blowing out candles on a birthday cake
and expecting a wish to come true.
Or making a wish on a chicken bone,
giving my daughters'
something old, borrowed and blue 
on their wedding days, and also
 putting a penny in their shoe on that day.
I give a coin when I give a knife or a wallet.
I even have a horseshoe hanging 
facing up to keep our luck in.
What the...
I am a fake.
I practice all that. 
I am shocked.
I am stopping all this nonsense.
I am off to pull a gray hair just
to dare 10 more to grow.
I may even open an umbrella 
right here in the crib.
I'll book a flight on Friday the 13th.
I'll step on a crack.
 I'll even swallow a watermelon seed.
I have just one request of you on my behalf.
Please  keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Ha ha! Totally got me on the cold in your ovaries??? Have never heard that one! hilarious what we buy in to

  2. I tried to think of I couldn't come up with a THING! (If I didn't know better, I'd think you had too much time on your hands!)


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