Monday, February 27, 2012

Mrs. Dramatic is Back.

I survived what I now like to call
The Great Epidemic of 2012.
Seriously, I was so dang sick.
Fevers all week long.
I spent the majority of my days
in ugly combinations of
bad flannel pants, tee shirts, old man sweaters,
a much over-due for hair dye "do"
and one earth-quaking cough.
I resided here most days.

 but it looked like this

 for days and days.
On Friday afternoon my fever was gone.
I finally got to see the grand kids on Sunday.
That was the worst part.
I missed them so much.
I didn't work out but I did keep up 
with all my bootcamp assignments,
my reading, and my food logging.
I stayed on the food plan,
over simplified... 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fat.
I had to make myself eat most times.
My stomach had a bug too.
In the old days, I would have suffered with
ice cream and buttered toast.
I compromised with whole wheat toast(no butter)
and Greek yogurt.
Blessedly, I am down a total of 10 pounds 
and anxious to resume
 more vigorous workouts.
Until my lungs clear up,
I am told by my coach to
keep my activities low intensity and low minutes.
I tried ignoring Coach
and nearly coughed up my left lung.
So I guess it pays to heed that advice.
I watched a show on Netflix 
while I was down.
Land Girls, Season 1.
I am in love with it.
Now I have to wait for Season 2 and 3.
It is a BBC program
and I cannot figure out where to watch it 
for free in the meantime. 
Can anybody help a girl out?
You'd be the berries. :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Names

Yesterday's post was in no way making fun
 of my Dad or the other elderly man.
My dad was a great dad/husband.
He loved my mom like she deserved.
I miss him,
even though he is physically here.
It is weird.
To see him 
but not really connect with him
most of the time
is hard for all of us.
We are happy he is able to 
be taken care of in such a
beautiful facility.
We are grateful
we are able to help.
Truthfully, Alzheimer's sucks.
But, what disease doesn't.
They all do.
God doesn't promise us no strife,
but  he does promise to never leave us.
One day Dad will be healed 
when he walks through Heaven's gates.
We will have a party that day.
I tend to deal with stressful things 
with humor.
I try to look for the blessings.
There is always, always a silver lining.
One of the reasons
we started the Lunch Bunch
was to get Dad and Mom out.
It has turned out to be a great thing
for all who attend.
We have a great time.
Last week, my sister Linda 
made me and my Aunt Betty split a gut.
Uncle Jim (Aunt Betty's husband), Aunt Betty, Uncle Jimmy

Uncle Jim had some old pictures
and some genealogy information to share.
It seems my grandpa had twin brothers 
who died as children.
Chancey and Chester.
My grandma had twin sisters
who died as children.
Their names were 
O'Greta and Olivia.
This helps explain
we have going in the family.
I hear Linda yammering...
and she says something about 
the twin Ovarian.
Really, Ovarian?
Aunt Betty and I lost it.
What a goof.
Linda is becoming my mom. 
They rival each other at times.
I couldn't wait to call Abbie with the idea.
Baby Ovarian Jane.
Perhaps Uterine Ann.
Or the prettiest of all 
Fallopian Kay.
Thanks Linda!

P.S. I am reading your blogs as much as I have time for... but skipping the comments. I have homework to do. I have workouts to do. I have a fever/sinus infection/bronchitis/fluid on the ears so I am down today... But, I have meds with orders to go to bed. As soon as I am fit I am back to doing this camp right. Keep praying :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Live

Today was the family Lunch Bunch.
It was a good time, like always.
We average 10-15 people now.
After lunch I returned to Mom and Dad's 
assisted living facility with them.
Dad napped and then we went into the hall for a walk.
We ran into one of their neighbors.
He has been there a few weeks.
He grew up by my dad
but is about 12 years younger.
He ran around with my dad's brother, George
and my mom's brother, Ralph.
He has sat at dinner with my folks.
He has visited with them several times.
He also has short term memory loss.
We visited in the hall 
and then Mom invited him into their apartment
so they could sit down and visit.
Do you remember SNL's Mr. Short-term Memory?
I was stuck in an episode.
I have to laugh about it.
It's that or shoot yourself in the foot. 
The neighbor tells us in the hall...
"I saw that name on your door and wanted to come meet you."
"I used to know people by that name."
I think to myself, yes, you did last week.
So he comes in and sits down.
He tells us all about how his sons
have taken away his license and his car.
He says they lied to the doctor 
about him being  unable to drive.
Yes, he is disoriented but he can drive.
But, he tells us he isn't going to rant about it.
Dad interjects "I had a John Deer tractor and a thresher."
The  man says "my kids have taken away my car
 and lied to the doctor all about it."
the whole story again followed by 
"but, I am not going to rant about it anymore."
Dad tells his tractor story.
The man tells his license story.
I get up to get a drink (water, just water )
He says "Oh you found it. I keep it there to take my medicine."
I think to myself "Crap. 
He thinks we are in his apartment.
Now, he will never leave!"
I am pretty sure Mom is oblivious.
He says "you live in 31."
I say "you live in 31."
He says ...
"when you leave you are 3 down."
Mom says "there is just 2 doors between us."
I am sure now she has no clue what he is thinking.
Dad says "I had a John Deer tractor and a thresher."
He says " I used to go to school with your brothers.
My boys have taken away my driver's license."
This goes on for 30 minutes.
The whole discussion...where we live,
who has a tractor,
who has had their license wrongfully taken away.
Yada, yada, yada. 
I decide to make a break for it.
I go to the door to try to coax Dad to go for a walk.
Outside the door is an angel.
She says "do you have company?"
I say "yes, Mr. M."
She  says "Oh thank God, we have been
 looking everywhere for him."
I tell him they are looking for him
so he can have his medicine.
He says "Oh I thought this was my apartment!"
I told Mom "I was beginning to think 
we would have to wait until you went to dinner 
to get him out of here."
She said "I had no idea 
that he didn't know it wasn't his apartment."
Then we both busted a gut laughing.
They went to dinner and
 I came home to medicate myself
with broccoli and cauliflower.
Dern, times like this...I miss cake.

For those of you too young or those of you who have no memory
I give you...


Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I Know For Sure-20th Edition

1. When making a food log of a meal you named "soup and turkey", the ingredients shouldn't be soup and chicken. 

2. Working your triceps so hard you cannot lift your hand to your mouth pain-free is a two-fold win.

3. I have red nails for Valentine's Day. I am not digging them. I am more of a dark brown girl. I don't care if my toes match my fingers but I like my nails to match my liver spots. I am matchy-matchy like that.

4. Turning off a ceiling fan leads to housework.

5. I watched Downton Abbey and was speaking in an English accent. Cheerio to that. Now after watching Swamp People I am talking like I have no teeth.

6. I have added new catch phrases to my vocabulary like "it's the berries", "I can't care", and "I vow and declare". I am now adding "Lo and behold" to my repertoire. 

7. I am praying for Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbie Christina.

8. I watched Dolphin Tale with Aubrie. She loved it. I swooned over Harry Connick, Jr.

9. I had no idea Greek yogurt was so much better than American yogurt. It is the Zeus of yogurts.

10.George Clooney gets better with age. Brad Pitt does not.

11. They don't give out medals for childbirth, but they should.

12. I must make time to blog because I love it so.

13. This Hallmark commercial makes me cry every. single. time.

14. My favorite coffee for home brewing or my Keurig is Starbuck's Pike's Place. Trust me.

15. I work in the coffee cafe at our very large church and we serve Pike's Place. Seriously, trust me.

16.. I am incorporating coconut oil into my diet. Research shows it helps with Alzheimer's and the prevention of the disease.

17. Snow is predicted Monday night just as my tulips and daffodils have a 6" standing. I can't care.

18. Abbie had a patient come in and say "Wow, you look just like a girl I used to know. Her name was Janie Adkins." Abbie said "well, she is my mom." In this case, Mom jeans genes are cool.

19. Lo and behold, coming up with 20 of these just keeps happening.

20. If I have nothing to say, I vow and declare to say it to you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Party

Today is a wonderful day.
Ollie Faith turns one!

I was happy and a tad scared.
Truth be told, I was a whole lot scared.
Now, after watching her get through
her open heart surgery 
and seeing her winning hearts
and changing minds 
about the stereotypes of Down Syndrome,
all my fear is gone.
In it's place
is joy, joy, joy
and tons of thankfulness.
You prayed for this sweet baby.
You celebrated her arrival 
and her victory of
her successful heart surgery.
I know you love her too.
Please, head on over to Annie's blog
and give her a birthday greeting.
Tonight's a big party
with her family.
Pa Stuart has to drive 20 hrs. round trip
to pick up a semi for the farm and
has to miss the party.
He had to get his birthday hugs in last night.
Ollie Faith wasn't happy to hear the news ;)

Aww that face, those little hands...

Happy Birthday Sweet Miss O.!!
You are my sunshine,
my Ollie sunshine.
You make me happy,
when skies are gray.
You'll never know dear,
how much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bleary-eyed and hooked

Well, I am obsessed
with Downton Abbey. 

Everyone has been raving about this series.
It is on PBS.
But, to catch up I needed Netflix.
I had given my membership up.
We have an extensive package with Dish. 
I couldn't justify it.
But my friend Suzette said
it was worth re-instating my membership
to be able to watch this series.
She said "it is just that good."
So I dropped the $7.99
and sat down to watch.
7 episodes on Netflix
and 3 more on
I burnt the midnight oil
and then some.
Now I am caught up 
with the episodes airing on PBS.
She was bloody well right.
I am keen on it. 
"Everything in the garden is rosy."
I can't wait until next Sunday night
to see what happens with Bates and Anna.
Until then, I am wearing corsets,
rustling my skirts,
and saying things like 
 M'Lady and pip pip
while I sip my tea.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

odd jobs

Last night I dreamed I was driving the Sr. Citizens' bus.
I actually dreamed I was stepping on all their ears too.
This after watching Dumbo...I hope.
It made me think of all the jobs I have had.
I drove the Senior Citizen bus one whole summer.
It was a blast.
It was part of my college practicum.
I had to work in the senior home,
and I was employed by the local RSVP
(retired senior volunteer program)
and no I didn't have a salary.
I paid them...for education.
My degree...Home Ec./Family Services.
I did time in a child care program too.
It all is coming in handy now, huh?
I also worked summers in a local paper factory.
That taught me a lot about life.
There was a lot of drama and
a lot of tomfoolery going on there.
I got an education very quickly on how not to behave.
They made cups, lids, and paper plates.
I worked on the plates one summer,
and a couple of Christmas breaks,
and was a material handler one summer.
To this day my family says...
Well, Son of a cup maker.
Nicer than the usual sentiment.
Use it, it's fun to say.
Another summer the factory wasn't hiring
so I worked at a local restaurant...
The Country School.
I was the girl in the ugly rust polyester dress,
in the back
filling the orders. 
I was the one who said "order up".
I was also the one who ate the chicken liver 
when it fell out of the basket.
The bosses were great and it was a fun job
even if I went home smelling like a fry.
We got married just before my last semester
and I drove to school.
This is when I worked unpaid at the daycare.
After graduation it was 1981.
The Reagan administration had cut many social programs.
I couldn't find a  job.
I went to work for one month 
for a local marketing service company.
They gave market advice for the stock market.
The owner was weird.
He was seriously disturbed.
I had no idea what I was doing and
he really didn't know what he was doing.
Luckily for me, an aide job 
came available at the school. 
I was the aide for a boy
with Down Syndrome who was
mainstreamed into first grade.
(Isn't God smart?)
I worked there that year and 
then had my first child, Annie that June.
I stayed at home from then on
and had 4 more babies in the next 4 years.
During the years I was raising kids though,
I always had a job to earn extra money.
I babysat a couple of extra kids.
I sold Longaberger baskets for a time.
(There a many, many in storage in the top of the shed) 
I substitute taught (worst job ever).
I sold antiques and did antique shows.
( again, many in the shed)
I cleaned houses.
We bought the trailer park 
and had/have rentals.
I farmed with my husband and father in law
during harvest( loved it)
and did the farmer's wife "go-for" and
"meals on wheels" thing.
Then Annie had Aubrie.
I fell head over heels.
I retired from the antique shop,
and farming
(but not the "go-for and cook thing).
Now I keep the grand kids 
and visit my folks.
I get paid with hugs and kisses
and lots of memories.
It is the best job yet.
It's what I still wanna do, when I grow up.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Band and fan clubs

First things first...
I am not sick.
I am perfectly fine.
It had to be a combination of 
cat exposure and dust 
from my friend's kitchen re-do.
Hello my name is Janie
and I am an alarmist.
Yesterday I was at the assisted living facility
with the folks.
A while back I posted about 
an area kitchen band that came to entertain.
Since then the folks at Holly Brook 
where my parents live
have started their own.
They are not planning to tour or play for others...
they are doing it for fun.
Yesterday I was there for band practice
to keep Dad entertained
while Mom participates.
I, as usual, left my camera home.
But I had my BlackBerry.
The ladies were rocking. 
(Mom is in the pink)
 Dad normally is annoyed by the band
but yesterday, he played the whole time and had fun.
He even played when the music stopped.
No one cared.
They do it for fun.
Even a couple of the workers joined in.

The ladies asked me where my husband was.
I said "Oh, he is building a barn."
They meant Linda's husband.
They said "Oh, we were thinking of your other sister's husband."
They said "he is really good at band."
"He gets into it" 
I think they get into him...

Good looking and talented.
Oh, the injustice.
David, the next practice you are up.
Your fans await.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ah freaking choo

In Mondays blog 
I referred to my sister and I
as a threat to the Kardashian sisters' fame.
Today 2 of my blog friends
Suzette, and Jayme
gave me a shout out.
Clearly, I wasn't wrong.
I am all that and a bag of chips.
Obviously, Linda is riding my coattails.
In breaking news, 
I fear I am getting sick.
My throat hurts.
How can this be?
I was just sick with a cold.
I am hoping it is just an allergic reaction
from my friends' multiple cats
in my personal space during her kitchen re-do.
Yesterday was a long day there.
Soon she will post pics and
I will link y'all to her blog.
But getting back to the important ear hurts.
Is that an occurrence with allergies?
Or, is it because I keep sticking my finger
in it, to see if it is sore?
It looks like tonight I will
be greasing up the old hooves
with Vicks Vapor Rub
and socking up. 
I hope I am not ill, 
I had 4 littles here today.
I am ashamed to say
I may have slobbered over kissed most of them.
They are like chips...
you can't just have one.
Speaking of chips and I have twice now...
next week I am starting 
The Coop Keeper's Boot Camp.
I am starting to freak a bit.
I have several Last Suppers in store.
I have reading to do.
I have menus to plan.
And I have a new wardrobe to plan.
Hells yeah.