Friday, April 15, 2011

Hold the presses

I lost my camera last week.
I got it in November before the trip to Disney.
It is just a point and shoot.
Picture taking is new to me.
I never took pictures.
I am the mom who attended 
every HS graduation and college graduation
while leaving the camera
on the table at home.
I searched high and low
but to no avail.
I accepted fate and got this.

 A little better version but pretty much the same.
Same camera case as before,
and a new camera card.
I was over it.
Today, my predictions came true.
This is the deal now.

Yup, it has been found.
The details will not be divulged.
The guilty party will remain nameless and blameless.
I told you I thought it was a leprechaun.
That's my story and I am sticking to it.
I have 15 days to return the second one
for a full refund.
Someone's living right.
I am pumped.
I am returning it and 
spending some of that cash
on a English/Spanish dictionary.
I do not want to push my luck!
Actually, it was under a chair.
I looked under the couches, tables, and chairs etc. 
However, in my defense
I have lots of chairs.
Dern leprechauns are messing with me.
Send prayers and meds!
Oh, and maybe a keeper.


  1. read anne's post about her little leprecaun...maybe it's the same one! HA!

  2. BIG SIGHHHHH......I can so relate to this! Even the part about leaving the camera sitting at home when you're attending an event. I HATE losing stuff. My mom always tells me "stop looking and it will turn up". It's just stinkin' aggravating!

    My story for the week? I lost an ad....the Kohl's ad. Normally not a big deal but this one had a 30% off everything coupon on it! AND my friend was picking me up to go shopping. We tore apart the house. She looked, I looked. I was just sick about it. We gave up. We ended up with a sweet young cashier that took pity on my middle age lapse and gave me the discount anyway. Guess where I finally found the coupon....on the floor of my girls' bathroom under a Penneys ad. How could I have missed it there? Sometimes I wonder if I will survive this stage of life.....

  3. The surefire way for me to find something that's missing is to replace it.

    Then, presto! The original reappears.

    We have two Coolpix, two - one for each of our kids.

    My camera?

    Broken. But I never take pictures anyway. My kids are too busy using theirs to make videos and upload stuff to Youtube...I figure they're chronicling their own youths. I'm off the hook.

    Good luck holding on to your cameras - hopefully the leprechauns will be busy for a while...

  4. oh gosh! So glad it is all working out!

  5. So glad you found it! Was it in the fridge?? :) ha ha!

  6. I cannot think of how many times this has happened in our household. Obviously your Leprechaun has been messing around over here too. I'm setting a trap! Ann

  7. yep...blame that one on the leprechaun :) so excited for you and your trip to spain, so fun! and love the new pink camper...has she a name yet?


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