Saturday, April 2, 2011


I am excited.
Uber excited.
Did I mention I am excited??
I have a fun weekend planned.
Today I am helping
my girls set up at 
a show with their 
Ethel Edith goods.
I love to stage for a sale.
Love it.
And re-stage as it sells.
It's a cancer fund-raiser
so there will be
plenty of other vendors in attendance.
Check it out if you live close.
However, the best part is Sunday.
 I am expecting company.
One of my fave bloggers
is coming to the hood. 
 you are welcome Jayme
No seriously,
she really is a doll.
No, for real
this is the Jayme.

 LOL are you sick of me?
Will the real Jayme please stand up?
I love how she multi tasks...she is a woman after my own heart. 
I am in such an excited state
I about wet myself just typing it.
Seriously, I cannot wait.
We are going to tear it up.
Talking, gabbing, visiting, blabbing, 
conversing, story-telling, 
you get the drift.
I like to yammer.
She yammers.
Will we even hear each other?

She is fun,
she is funny,
 she has a heart of gold,
and her heart loves Jesus.
We are not doing anything 
but spending time together.
She is going to meet my littles
and meet my biggies.
I am cooking her a steak, or two.
I am picking her brain
for garden ideas.
She has an amazing garden.
She keeps chickens and bees.
And she is coming to see me. 
Do you think I am going 
too far if I watch her sleep?
Bahahaha! Just fooling.
There will be no sleeping!
There is a lot of bad things 
on the internet
but through blogging
I have found so much joy.
There are so many great people
who are just like you and me.
If not for this medium, 
I would have never met
this dear friend.
It is a blessing indeed.
Check out her blog.
You are going to love her
just like I do.
I'll be back next week
with stories to tell.


  1. Janie.....I can't wait to hear how your visit with a blogging friend goes for you...I'm sure you guys will have so much fun together!

  2. Have a great time and a wonderful weekend!

  3. You have such at "knack" at staging! I hope you'll take many pictures. I'd sure like to see it. Wishing you all much success this weekend.

  4. Oh you lucky duck! I read Jayme's blog...please tell her I said, "Heyyyy" even though she doesn't know me. I feel almost star struck when she leaves a comment on my blog!

  5. How many times do I have to tell you! I'm an overweight, boring, confused, menopausal woman! We'll have to make up some exciting stories for the blog. Lord help me find your house.

  6. Janie...I've been following her blog for a while now, too. She's sooo energetic it wears me out. That's pretty cool about her having her own honey, though. Hope she brings you a jar. I'm sure with your energy and her energy you'll go-go-go and have a blast. My ten new baby chicks are alive and well. Still no coop for them yet, though. Soon. Very soon. Brenda A. (Moweaqua)

  7. Looking forward to seeing what trouble you two gals will find! Good luck on the sale...

  8. OOOOOh, so jealous ! I wish you were in NJ - I'd come and play too ! I'm a middle aged, menopausal lady who just about wets herself when she's excited..... I think we'd get along just fine !!!!

    Have fun !


  9. I hope that with all my Jillian Michaels shredding I fall into the the "littles" categorie but I'm afraid i'm probably wrong about that. Glad you're excited ma. Love ya sooooo bad!

  10. Wishing you girls the best time ever this windy, sunny week-end. Got the same weather up here in Decatur but no Jayme to have us laughing.

  11. Oh I am so jealous... I hope you have a super fun-raiser. I wish I lived closer. You all will be helping so many.

    Then I am jealous you get to meet Jayme.. That is sure to be a swell time. I doubt you all will get much sleep from staying up gabbin'.

    I see you love the lord... Awesome!

    I pray your day and coming week are blessed by the lord.

  12. Hope you had a great time with Jayme. The blogging world does bring us new friends and it's so exciting to meet one of "us" in person. It's almost like encountering a celebrity! Look forward to hearing all the deets. Ann

  13. How lucky are you??? BOTH of you! Isn't blogland wonderful, I have met so many amazing people I would never have crossed paths with otherwise.

    And I want to hear all about the show!! I bet it was a sell-out! Everything looks beautiful!


  14. I love that table in the photo. I have been looking for something just like that forever! Seriously. I want it! Really, I do.

    Have a great visit with Jayme.

  15. AWESOME that you got to spend time with that crazy gal. you two seem meant for each other:)

  16. you two are gonna paint the town RED!!!

  17. Ooooiee!!! (Not to be confused with sooie for pigs.) I'm so excited to hear all about your visit! And the show. I wanted Jayme to drive down here and teach me to cook. Then she learned what state I was in. sigh. I will live through you. Blab on. Now I want you to come visit (are you closer to MD) so you can stage my wee shop. No rush. It prolly won't be ready/finished 'til my littles are biggies at this rate. I want to say somthin like "have fun" but how could you not?!
    ((hugs X2))

  18. Oh, I bet you two had a ball. Two peas in a pod. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  19. Forget the steak! Feed Jaymie plenty of bacon!


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