Monday, April 11, 2011

birthday recap

Well yesterday was the big day.
If you think it is the last 
you will hear of it,
think again.
I celebrate for the whole month,
and I am just getting started.
I started Thursday
for dinner and a gift exchange
with my college roommate.
Hers was in March,
and our schedules finally worked out.
I shopped with Jackie and Abbie 
on Saturday at the nearby outlet mall,
then on to Mom and Dad's 
for an evening with 
Jackie,  and Stuart and the folks.
Sunday after church,
we brought home my latest project.
It is an adorable little camper.
She needs some love.
She isn't going to travel.
Instead, she will reside 
in amongst some trees and
host the grandkids  and me
partying it up.
Then, dinner out with my kids
and an evening service at church.
A special speaker talking 
about creationism/evolution.
Check out
Really good stuff.
My camera is still MIA.
I have searched, 
the house, my car, the yard,
the Gator, the basement,
jacket pockets, the barns, etc.
A friend suggested looking in the fridge.
In her defense, it is where 
I found my cell phone once.
I have had it since the Coopkeeper 
was here so, she is off the hook. HA
I am blaming a leprechaun.
Everett gave me the idea
and I think he is on to something.
He uses them as scapegoats
and I think it is genius.
So what if he is 3,
he knows they are sneaky little dickens.
I was working in my playhouse
and wanted to get pictures.
I wanted pics of the trailer.
I am going to buy 
another one tomorrow.
The other I just got in November,
and I am betting
I will find the missing one
soon after I purchase a new one.
Until then, I will hope
you have not been bored to death.
You all know just how epic
my photog skillz are.
Bear with  me,
I'll have pictures
of my finger and the camper 
by tomorrow night.


  1. Oh man I want a cute little camper sooooo bad! How exciting! I'm sure it will be a fabulous project! Glad you had a GREAT birthday! I too enjoy milking the bday celebrations (after all they only come around once a year)

  2. I celebrte my birthday all month too...can't wait to see pics of the trailer!

  3. What IS it about campers! I'm wanting one too! I need it for a spare bedroom when grandkids come to visit! We spied one in horrible condition a few years ago but couldn't convince the owner to sell it to us. Now I have a feeling they're hot items and we wouldn't be able to afford even a junky one! Can't WAIT to see it.

  4. I love that you celebrate big. Birthday's are the best and deserve the attention!~!! Hope you find your camera. That would have me completely know it would!


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