Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coop keeper escapes

My internationally known interweb friend
did show up on Sunday.
She BLEW in a wee bit late.
The winds were ridiculously hard
and she had a minor set back with her ride.
She decided to stop 
within an half hour of my house
and strip to the waist on the interstate.
She claims to have had tire blowout incident
in the extremely high wind
but I reckon her recent weight loss of 20+
might have been the real motive 
to decidedly incite a truckers mob.
With two great son-in-laws' help
she soon gusted into the drive.
I was leaping for joy when she opened 
and then shut and locked her door. hmm?
There was a huge crowd of adoring fans 
awaiting her autograph.

She is the real deal. 
What she is on the blog is what she really is.
I adore her.
 I asked if she would consider
just staying on as my personal yard man.
She is pondering my offer.
I tried to get her to stay one more day.
I tried the "there are no tires
in our town the right size."
Unfortunately one was located nearby
and her vehicle was restored to health.
We did nothing but hang together.
I laughed so much I wanted
to bring in a potty chair to sit in.
Seriously, she is a hoot 
and my bladder thinks so too.
She met my family,
and was a tad shy.
Probably starstruck.
We are incredibly famous rockstars.
 stu and zac not pictured because they are disney party nazis
We gabbed laughed and snorted
into the early morning hours.
We toured my grounds and
she is on the board as the
adviser to the gardener now.
We dined and blathered.
We laughed hard, I cried and cried again.
She mentioned shock therapy?
I incorporated all of 
my movie-knowledge techniques
to try to convince her to stay.
Think "Misery".
She is strong though,
her legs were not broken
just a little bruised.
She arose and showered.
I begged and pleaded her to stay on.

She may or may not have called me "psycho".
Clearly she is the psycho... 
I ask you, who showers in glasses?
I used all the tactics I had.
In the end she did escape.
However, she did promise to return.
I do have her address
just in case
she reneges on that promise.
Check out  her blog to see 
her distorted view of the visit.
The consensus in my hood
is she is a coopkeeper keeper.
We love her.

P.S. I was so euphoric most of the time, I forgot to take any real pictures. I blame Jayme for this.


  1. I need a potty chair just reading all the fun you all had and these photos, Misery, Psycho... you all are too funny. I see she is not far from the lip gloss, hey, it worked in changing the tire so why not in the shower as well.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Oh my gosh you two have me in stitches! I jist love you guys. I wish I were there jist to watch you guys laugh an snort.....;-) Hey I need ah job...any room for ah camera person?

  3. You guys are crazy! I like it!

  4. So glad to have visited here on your blog. I love Jayme too. You have fun blog to read and a wicked humor:)

  5. I swear if I didn't have the pictures to prove it - I'd think it didn't happen! Seems like dream. I'm snuggled up in my Fox hoodie. xo

  6. LOL you are a hoot! I'm going to have to go over to Jayme's blog to see what she has to say about all of this ;) And my friends and I are going to go to Chicago in a couple weeks and have already talked about bringing a potty chair ;) Glad you guys had so many laughs and great time together.

  7. You guys are crazy! So glad you had a fun time! Shower stalker huh? lol

  8. Jayme sent me and I am so glad I got here in one piece after reading her post only to laugh some more reading yours! You two were made for each other...sorry guys!!

  9. Hi, I'm a good friend of Jayme's here back home, I enjoyed your blog, I love watching to see her on her wild adventures to meet some of her bloggers. She is indeed a hoot. I love the pics of your house, how inviting and cozy. Glad you both had such a good time, it's what life's about. Also loved your blog about your twin sis. You two communicate like my mom and I do. Well, just wanted to say hello, thanks for sharing your visit with Jaym with all of us. Rhonda aka Ra (at the coop keepers).


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