Thursday, April 7, 2011

Children learn what they live.

I have shared with you
that my faith comes from my mom.
She was an example of a bible reading,
church-going, Jesus-loving mom.
But, she also gave me 
a sense of humor.
People say I am funny.
Some say crazy.
In a good way that is.
I have told you all 
I am the funny one in my marriage.
I'll fight him on this one.
I have taught him
everything he knows.
But, let's keep it to ourselves, K?
He is under an illusion and
I don't want to rain on his parade
or to take away his will to live.

I learned funny from my mom.
She set the bar high.
At 87, she still laughs a lot.
When I told her about
this post topic she laughed
so hard re-living it.
She is a gem.
When I was a kid
she did silly crazy things.
She and her pals 
would make a cake 
for her birthday club.
However, her cake was made out of
a big round sponge.
They would put icing on it 
and decorate it all nice and pretty.
When the birthday girl tried to cut it,
it was a hilarious sight.
Mom and Dad were square dancers.
(remember I told you, 
I took lessons in Jr. High,
 you now see my parents were 
the root of that humiliating fiasco)
Anyhoo, one weekend,
a square dance caller and his spouse
were coming to town for a dance
and staying overnight with 
my Mom's best friend's family.
My mom spent the whole day
moving pieces of furniture, 
tables, lamps,
her whole dining room set,
straw bales,
curtains, and home accessories
to an old dilapidated house 
on one of our farms.
She set it all up 
like a kitchen, dining room,
and a living room.
That night after the dance
they took the caller and his wife 
and some friends of my folks
to their friends' fake home.
They had to unlatch a gate 
and drive through a cow pasture.
On the way into the "home" 
many cow pies had to be dodged.
They walked in and Mom's friend said
"Oh, I forgot to pay the bill,
they have turned our power off."
They lit a lamp and 
went into the rooms.
Old wallpaper was 
hanging all wonky,
every surface was filthy.
The fellow and his wife were flabbergasted.
Their eyes were bugging because
they believed they were
 going to have to stay in this shack.
Mom and Dad along with their friends
sat down on the straw bales
like it was not uncommon.
They continued the hoax until 
they couldn't hold their laughter any longer.
The man and his wife laughed the hardest.
I bet they never had that happen again.
Thanks Mom for the training.
You're the master.
I love you.
your Grasshopper

P.S. That sweet coopkeeper
blogged about me again.


  1. That is Hilarious!

  2. Seems to me if your husband thinks he's the funniest, perhaps he needs to write us a post and put his money where his mouth is. ;-)

  3. your mom sounds very similar to mine. how blessed we are!

  4. girl, that's the funniest prank I've ever heard! No wonder Jamye had the time of her life at your farm. I am so jealous you have a napping couch right in your living room! My husband would propose to you so I'm not gonna share this with him! hee hee Come visit me at Granny Mountain...

  5. "your grasshopper" What a sweet and lovely thing to say!



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